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Sheellah Kennedy

2 Years Ago

Thank You

To all that were involved in my discussion yesterday:

I wish that I had put a little more thought into my decision last night before I closed my account. I completely agree with the comments that were made on my photographs and I agree that improvements can be made. I certainly do not want to sell a photo that could be returned for resolution issues. I am a firm believer in quality control, and like was mentioned in the discussion yesterday, I do not want to ruin my reputation as a photographer. After I closed my account, I was still able to read the discussion that I had started, asking for both criticism on my photos and advice on pricing. I certainly was not insulted by the comments that were made on the photos that I had uploaded. If I didn't want the criticism, I wouldn't have asked. I have deleted several photos that I agree may not have been as wonderful as I initially thought. I guess the musician in me was saying "upload the photo," but in reality, may not have been as appealing to somebody who didn't see the beauty in what I was seeing. I totally agree with the two gentlemen that commented. Please forgive me for not remembering your names -- the discussion is no longer available and I'm not able to recall your names. I do think that I am worthy of being on this site (which is why I am back); however, I will be a lot more careful with the photos that I am posting. I am looking forward to making some sales in the near future and am also signed up for a photography course with a local art museum to improve my techniques. Fine Art America is a wonderful opportunity to showcase an artist and I look forward to being a part of it.

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