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Mary Ellen Anderson

2 Years Ago

V/f Or F/v

What do these acronyms mean?


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Michelle Calkins

2 Years Ago

voted and favorited


Kathy Stiber

2 Years Ago

Thanks, I was wondering too!


Michelle Calkins

2 Years Ago

Y/W..that's you're welcome!


Ginny Schmidt

2 Years Ago

Over on Redbubble, there is a button to favorite things (using favorite as a verb not an adjective here) but they do not have that extra "vote" function. It took me a while here to learn what the vote was for and, now, I always do an F and a V for things I particularly like, and I always reply with a thank you when someone puts F/V in a comment.


Mary Ellen Anderson

2 Years Ago

thank you!
my first thought was farmville and that didn't seem right - lol

ok, now I'm worried I didn't thank everyone I should. If I missed you, please know I'm loving it; thanks.


Lynn Palmer

2 Years Ago

T Twitter
P Pinterest
G+ Google
S Stumbleupon
FB Facebook

I've seen them all :)


Joy Watson

2 Years Ago

Many thanks for this post.


Talya Johnson

2 Years Ago

Hmmm, I've been doing L for "like" in FB....oops!


Roy Erickson

2 Years Ago

I try to always thank folks for looking, commenting and voting on my work. Since they aren't putting out money - it's the least I can do for their time.


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