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Menega Sabidussi

2 Years Ago

How Would You Keyword This One?

if i may pick people's brains briefly...
i'm stuck on this one and that rarely happens.

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besides "abstract" and a whole bunch of keywords on what it actually is, i went the "ghostly", "eerie" etc route with it. is that the right idea, do you think?

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Mike Savad

2 Years Ago


---Mike Savad


Jeffery Johnson

2 Years Ago

blue, lost, alone, empty, creative, shadows, abstract, mellow, distance, smeared, smear, foggy, cloudy


Menega Sabidussi

2 Years Ago

wow, interesting, thanks!!


Menega Sabidussi

2 Years Ago

thanks again, i used most of them - it really helped getting an idea what other people see!


Lori Lovetere

2 Years Ago

Mystery, feelings,feeling, emotions, true honesty, touched. L :)


Menega Sabidussi

2 Years Ago

fascinating, thank you!


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