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Loyda Herrera

2 Years Ago

What Do You See?

On my monitor the image looks fine but when I look at this on my friends monitor, I see tons of noise esp. in the lower right corner. I'm wondering if I have to recalibrate my monitor or if my friends is off. Thanks!

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Diane Daigle

2 Years Ago

All I see is wood grain-ish type reflection on a shiny surface,,, nice image Loyda. :>) (I am using a Mac)


Mike Savad

2 Years Ago

i'm seeing some noise in the shadow range, your screen is probably fine, the friend has it set up either too bright, or the gamma too high. the most noise is in the reflection on the bottom. but due to the pattern it could be a moire pattern that looks like noise.

---Mike Savad



2 Years Ago

Looks good to me


Loyda Herrera

2 Years Ago

Thank you!


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