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Kathy Stiber

2 Years Ago

What Style Do I Paint??

Hi, I'm new to FAA and I'm just getting back into painting after 12 years. As I am self taught, I really don't know much about painting styles. I just like to paint! I am posting a link to my profile in hopes that some of you can look and let me know what style I use. I've researched all of the painting styles and just when I think I know which one it is I see another one that fits. lol.

Thank you so much for your time.


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Janine Riley

2 Years Ago

Good morning Kathy & welcome back to you .
I don't have that answer for you - Lol. As I often question that myself.
I tend to use watercolors in an oil style. go figure.
I posted my favorite piece of your work (Highlite, then control C,Control V) to be more visible.


Kathy Stiber

2 Years Ago

Thank you for responding Janine. People have asked me what style I use and I have no idea how to respond. I have MUCH to learn!


Janine Riley

2 Years Ago

ok...., where is it ?
I added your little Mongolian horse. Morning's Glitch.

p.s. People just want to hear the colorful use of your words to match your painting style. Lol - No one really knows what it all means anyhow....


Kathy Stiber

2 Years Ago

Ha, true story. I saw your comments on my profile. Thanks again :)


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