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Tony Weatherman

2 Years Ago

Im So Old - - - -

How Old ??

I'm so old I fa-- dust !!

I laughed so hard tears ran down my leg.

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Robert Kernodle

2 Years Ago

Abstract paintings are not meant to be "understood". They are meant to be engaged with. Some girls feel the same way.

How old? - I'm so old ... [suddenly he lost his place, forgetting what he had intended to say, gazing listlessly towards the horizon]


Gregory Scott

2 Years Ago

Who can blame you Robert, if your mind wanders after speaking of Girls/Women who want to be engaged with?
You'll remember what you were going to say, eventually. Revisit the thread later.


Tony Weatherman

2 Years Ago

Ifen I hadn't ritten it down I wouldn't havea remembered it. Lucklly I remembered where te pencil wuz.


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