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Joe Gilronan

2 Years Ago

A Big Thank You To Beth And Faa.

Just a quick ditty to say a huge thank you to Beth who was kind enough to send me a file containing all my images (my PC crashed). Have to say FAA is an absolute pleasure to be a part of and Beth was a real life saver.

Thank you again,


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Saved me, too, as did Sean.....thanks both.


MM Anderson

2 Years Ago

This is a good reminder to back up, back up, back up your images and data.


Mo T

2 Years Ago

We are very lucky to have them ( Sean and Beth ) Their help is priceless specially when You're not native speaker like myself ;) Adding my thanks as well:D


Claude Oesterreicher

2 Years Ago

Sean's cool...But Beth has better legs! :-p


Jeffrey Campbell

2 Years Ago

My work is backed up on three separate external drives, now. Storage is so inexpensive these days, that there is no reason not to.

Beth and staff are the best.


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