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Ron Jones

2 Years Ago

Pointing Domain Name

Is it possible to point my domain name to artistwebsites and how do I do it?

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Christine Till

2 Years Ago

You can insert a <meta> tag in your Web site's home page, causing the user's browser to redirect to your artistwebsite. The browser's address bar will update to show the new address.

To do this, place this tag in the <head> section of your website's page:
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=">

You can also specify a delay longer than 0 seconds if you want the visitor to have time to read your Web page before they get redirected.


Hi, Ron,

I do that with my domain -

A simple matter of logging into my account at (my domain provider), then into the section to manage my domains, then 'forward' the specific domain to my artistwebsites address. Took about 2 minutes, total.


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