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Jeffery Johnson

2 Years Ago

Kelvin Okafor Pencil Drawings Amaze Art Critics

Kelvin Okafor pencil drawings amaze art critics

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Janine Riley

2 Years Ago

they are incredible.


Jeffery Johnson

2 Years Ago

They are very realistic.


Michael Hoard

2 Years Ago

Hello Jeff, they are extraordinary works of art. also here at FAA there is the brilliant work similar on the opening page of FAA the black and white f the person with water on there face that is not a photography but pencil drawing. The person is a featured artist by FAA. thanks for the video enjoyed viewing it.


Michael Hoard

2 Years Ago

This is quite a remarkable piece of art. the detail is unbelievable. Hard to believe its just pencil


John Crothers

2 Years Ago

Pardon my french but...

Holy Cow!


Jeffery Johnson

2 Years Ago

John yes in some places Cows are Holy. :)


Anne Norskog

2 Years Ago

Exquisite work!


Megan Dirsa-DuBois

2 Years Ago

It's truly amazing the level of detail and skill that goes into making those. I hadn't realized the one with the water on the face on the FAA home page was drawn, even if it dd say it in the title. Thanks for pointing that out to us Michael. And thanks for sharing that BBC report Jeffery. I'm astounded by that level of talent. It's so nice to see.


Paul Cowan

2 Years Ago

But .... why? I can do that in 1/320s with my camera. I suppose we should be flattered that brilliant artists think photography is so superior that they should copy its style.

But why do the utterly photograph-like, photorealism works always seem to be of subjects for which photos already exist? Why not of something for which no photo could possibly exist, Napoleon on Elbe, for example? Or Caesar with his legions. Wouldn't an apparent photograph of that be more stunning?


Tony Reddington

2 Years Ago

im selling my cameras, at least its one way I'll make money off them


Elizabeth Lane

2 Years Ago

Exquisite work......And in defense of photo realism done in any medium, that is Craftsmanship!!!! As a painter, depicting the illusion of 3 dimensions on a flat surface is no mean feat and takes a lot of study and practice to achieve that level.......not to mention Patience.
Thank you for sharing with us Jeffery.


Studio Tolere

2 Years Ago

Thanks for letting me know about Kevin's work. SO inspiring.


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