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Robert James Hacunda

1 Year Ago

North Carolina Artists..

Penny and I will be in North Carolina for 2 weeks starting the 26th,we will be in Raleigh for 4 days then heading to Asheville for 10 days to paint and check out the area. If anyone wants to meet for coffee or paint we would love it.. Then we will be in the Florida Keys and Florida till sometime in march..

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Roy Erickson

1 Year Ago

Are you sure you shouldn't do Florida FIRST and then try NC? You may need 'deIcer", especially in Asheville, NC this time of year.


I know Roy but I have business there to attend to and a place in asheville that is a lot warmer than here at least


Dan Carmichael

1 Year Ago

Enjoy your visit here, Robert. Yep, not much nature to paint here this time of year unless you like painting stick trees! LOL.


Is it really that bad? I hear asheville has galleries at least.


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