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Warren Thompson

2 Years Ago

Tricking The Eye

New on Yahoo. Do we have other "tricksters" here on FAA?

I guess making a flat service into a 3-D experience is a kind of trick.

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Angel Ortiz

2 Years Ago

he should be a film maker


Mike Savad

2 Years Ago

it's interesting, but the end product looks like the real thing. it's kind of like realism paintings, making a snap shot out of paint. though while good, if there is no indicator of how it was made, then it's like an inside joke. and i wonder what he does with all the models after. it is food based, and some he can't do anything with like ice.

---Mike Savad


Janine Riley

2 Years Ago

Tromp l'oeil. Now he - would be an elitist.
But isn't that what all art is - a trick make you see, feel, sense.....


Shasta Eone

2 Years Ago

Back in the 70's, as art director for an international firm introducing a new perfume fragrance, I faced a challenge. A fairytale was written about a princess having to take off in a space ship to another planet to obtain the " special ingredient " . At that time, all presentations were done using slide programs using a dissolve unit between two projectors.

The princess took off in her space ship, went out into space, traveled through a moving rainbow and landed on another planet. The whole sequence was done through trick photography elements, on my kitchen table. A graphic of a curved rainbow was reflected onto a sheet of flexible acetate that could be buckled, curved and moved frame by frame against a starry black background. Tiny holes in the black background behind which a mag flashlight was placed, gave the appearance of twinkling stars with the aid of a star filter on the camera lens.

A bit of dry ice, a wig head form, painted and glittered in green, a see-thru sheer scarf and a blue gel filter on the lighting were used to create a Marshan type monster, representing the foreign planet.

Tricking the camera lens and working in special effects animation is all great fun stuff indeed.


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