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Noredin Morgan

2 Years Ago

Nordin Morgan

About Me
Artist Statement

I share my birthplace with the Pharos of Egypt. My immigration to USA has been the underlying event which has defined my work for the past recent years. Most of my painting is figurative made in a spontaneous expressive manner. It also addresses identity, displacement, and reflects how the exterior reality affects the idea of who I am. Some might suggest relationship, story, or other significant moment in time. I have a strong sense of people’s presence. I feel that I recognize their face and read their movement on the stage of life... as if they were placed there just for my sake. They move so that I may depict their movement. They grant me the right to reduce their figures to lines, spots and colors. They allow me to transform them into impressive and mighty beings or to mere phantoms. This helps me to discover my own path to the invisible reality and determines the affinity with my thought process, like the flow of ideas, to create a collage with different subjects that results in a visual relationship.

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Roger Swezey

2 Years Ago


To me, Your Bio certainly express your fine body of work.....Your paintings show an individually consistent truly creative EYE. Your paintings are what "Painting" is all about!!

I particularly enjoy this painting, that for some reason was under a "Safe Filter".....Why?

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