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Jo Anna Wycoff

2 Years Ago

Image Not Uploading

How long does it take for the image to show on your page after uploading? I've tried 3 times times since last night to upload an image and I press "submit" at the end and nothing happens. What could I be doing wrong or is there a setting in my computer that is keeping it from uploading?

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Janine Riley

2 Years Ago

nothing happens, you don't even see the seconds scrolling by ? The past 2 nights have been very rough & I lost 1 or 2. But IDK about the nothing. Are you sure not Red lines are showing up on top letting you know that you have to complete something like a description, or category ?


Janine Riley

2 Years Ago

I'm new. I know "Muy Poco", give it a minute or two & an old pro will be right here.Their good like that.


Heather Applegate

2 Years Ago

Make sure its under 25mb, and that you only have one tab/window open in your browser... those are the most common reasons people can't upload.


Lynn Palmer

2 Years Ago

I'm not one of the old pros but I'll tell you what works for me....

It's been difficult uploading images lately but when I repeatedly can't upload an image, or it fails after putting in all my keywords, then I physically log off of FAA, close the browser window, then reopen everything and log back on. Nine times out of ten this will resolve the problem for me. If I continue to have trouble I figure FAA is having serious heartburn, give up for the night and try again the next day.


Jo Anna Wycoff

2 Years Ago

Thanks all for the input. Had to log off last night so I'm just now seeing these posts. Will read thru and try again this evening when I have more time and let you know what worked. I'm also wondering if my problem has to do with turning Java off. I got spooked the other day when they had the java hack scare and I turned it off.


Jo Anna Wycoff

2 Years Ago

I got the uploader working. Not sure what the problem was, but I suspect it was Java Script was turned off. Enabled it and didn't have any problem at all uploading.


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