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Karyn Robinson

2 Years Ago


Yesterday I purchased my tent for art shows. It's currently fully set up in my living room so that I can design my layout. It looks pretty funny when company visits.

Something I haven't seen mentioned by artists as I do my research on selling art at shows is insurance. Although I will certainly take the necessary precautions of using weights and tie downs, I'm still concerned about damage to other artists or patrons that might occur.

Does anyone have any insight on this? Also is it necessary to incorporate to limit liability?

Thanks for sharing!

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You might want to research the CPL (Comprehensive Personal Liability) coverage endorsement on your Tenant Homeowners or your Homeowners Insurance Policy. Typically business pursuits are excluded, but you might want to contact your carrier/broker, to check on availability to include business pursuits, usually available at a very reasonable additional rate unless of course you're doing installation art...with pyrotechnics... i.e. IEDs (improvised explosive devices)...which would be subject to that pesky BBE...Boom-Boom Exclusion....


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