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CMG Design Studios

2 Years Ago

I Could Use Some Keyword Help

I only have a little over 300 characters used for keywords. Any ideas on what keywords I might use to fill the remaining characters?

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Donna Van Vlack

2 Years Ago

How about:

head, human, design, face, abstract, illustration, image, wire, future, futuristic, isolated, single, shape, technology, people, machine, science, robot, equipment, cyberspace, cyborg, brain, connection, artificial, digitally, bionic, shabbiness, cable, white, steel, simulator, background, reality, concepts, generated, digital, metal, profile, part, candid, view, pattern, backgrounds, one, armor, ideas, dark, art


CMG Design Studios

2 Years Ago

Thank you, Donna. Those should get me over 500.


Lynn Palmer

2 Years Ago

Donna listed most of the ones I can think of with the exception of MASK.


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