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Michael Hoard

2 Years Ago

As A Paid Member Does Faa Place Your Web Page On Face Book Or Is That Up To You., Second Question Is I Can Never Bring My Photos Into A Thread Can Anyone Help Me Out....

How do you post images into a thread...

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David Lane

2 Years Ago

click on the need help tab at top of discussions and read through it!


Michael Hoard

2 Years Ago

thank you I check out your gallery brilliant work. Cheers Michael


Angelina Vick

2 Years Ago

Hi have to set up your own FB page...FAA gives you a tool to connect FB and FAA, so it can show your new uploads on FB. have to do it.

As far as inserting your image. Go to the image page...on the bottom right corner there is html, it's under the colors, and it says image link. You have to copy that...then paste it where you want the image to show.


Isabella Abbie Shores

2 Years Ago

The Facebook application is for all members, free and premium


Michael Hoard

2 Years Ago

Thanks that is very helpful, and the conversation from yesterday evening everything was resolved taken care of.....I will be careful of my working thanks for all your help I appreciate it very much. Cheers Michael Hoard


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