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Arthur Robins

2 Years Ago

Last Day To Enter Your Worst Art Ever Contest!!!

A lot of Artists make bad art once in a while, some all the time!!! Well here is finally a place it will be appreciated. Now some people have submitted so-so or boring art, and others good art. Either they cant read, dont know good from bad art, or are trying to say, " OH GEE, I GUESS EVEN MY BAD ART IS GOOD TEE-HEE!!!" It was all rejected. Only the worst of the worst here. So if you are planning to submit an entry, it had better be really BAD!! You are up against some stiff competition. To submit your worst piece or pieces go to CONTESTS and look for YOUR WORST ART EVER contest and lets just see how bad your worst art stacks up against the best...or the worst!!!!

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