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Posted by: Karen Wiles on 01/09/2013 - 7:35 AM

Does anyone know how to add the pinterest button to your images? Thanks,Karen


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Posted by: Margaret Saheed on 01/09/2013 - 7:45 AM

Karen, is this what you mean! Behind the Scenes - go down to Marketing - Sharing Buttons


Posted by: Aura Interiors K Wiles Wiles on 01/09/2013 - 8:13 AM

I looked there Margaret, and what I am looking for is the little red pin button that used to appear under each image so that you could "pin it" to someone's page or to your own page on the "pinterest" website. I thought it was on here at one time, but now I don't see it any longer. It may be something FAA tried and did away with because of problems with it. I am not aware of it so I thought someone else might be able to inform me about it. Thanks for your input though...


Posted by: Isabella F Abbie Shores on 01/09/2013 - 8:14 AM

Members can choose whether to use it. Some do, some dont

Its located where Margaret said if you want to turn it on or off


Posted by: David Lane on 01/09/2013 - 8:23 AM

Interesting item the only time or place that has used my images without my permission or any attribution is pinterest.


Posted by: Mike Jeffries on 01/09/2013 - 9:19 AM

I've turned mine off, I don't trust them.


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