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Yxia Olivares

Brooklyn, NY - United States








Yxia Olivares

Brooklyn, NY - United States

Yxia Olivares - Fine Artist

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About Yxia Olivares

The youngest of 9 siblings, my brothers, my sisters and parents hail from the Dominican Republic and I was born and raised in New York City. I work mainly with pastels and acrylic paints and feature portraits, illustrations, still life and really, anything else that inspires me. I also enjoy working with graphite and oil on canvas. A self taught artist (as far as I can remember, since the age of 6), I studied fashion design at the High School of Fashion Industries (NYC) and graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City where I got a brief taste of sculpture, fashion illustration and life drawing. I am always intrigued, motivated and moved by people's eyes, facial expressions, and body language; it always tells a story of their life, joy, tribulations and experiences in general. I work from life, photographs, magazines, books and my imagination. Everyday for me is an endless learning odyssey. Most of the time I don't really plan my work, I just 'feel' a certain way and I pick up a pencil or a pastel stick and I start and keep flowing to see where it takes me. I like to experiment with expressionism, realism and surrealism. I also love working on collages.
I like to spend time with my other passions as well which are: my daughter Sahara Love, accessory design, dance and fitness. I design and handcraft leather & fabric accessories for men & women from home and you can find my shop on ETSY (http://mbraze.etsy.com). I've been dancing professionally on stage, tv, music videos and touring worldwide for the past 18 yrs. Thank you so much for visiting my gallery. Feedbacks and comments are always happily welcomed.

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Nairobi Girl by Yxia Olivares


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Elida House by Yxia Olivares


Jose Belarminio Vasquez by Yxia Olivares

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