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Yvonne Blasy

Stevensville, MI - United States








Yvonne Blasy

Stevensville, MI - United States

Yvonne Blasy - Fine Artist

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About Yvonne Blasy

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to my art gallery on the web! I hope you will enjoy your visit. My art creations are produced in 'Digital' format, as or 'Real' drawings and paintings (done by hand, not digital) and available in a wide variety of prints directly from this website.

If you are interested in purchasing originals, or if you would like to commission some art centering around your favorite subject, scene, or person, please feel free to contact me via the website! To do that please use the 'Contact' or 'Email' functions above the page. I check in every day, so I'll respond back to you as quickly as possible.

Policy on purchasing originals: Shipping, insurance, framing, and a framing fee will be added to all original art purchased directly from me. I do not ship overseas, and prefer face to face transactions (I'm located in Southwest Michigan), which cuts down the costs considerably, and also prefer that buyers do their own framing. In every case, 50% of price of all original art is required up front and non-refundable. I reserve the exclusive right to sell prints of all original art purchased from me, which will be available on this site.

Although you may see, at the moment, more digital and/or abstract work, because it's been my focus for awhile, please stop back often, as I'll also be posting more 'Real' art made by hand, with the originals available for sale. All the art - digital or hand made - that you see on the site is, however, available in a wide variety of prints in different sizes, greeting cards, and even iPhone cases at this time.

If you enjoy seeing the art in a 'smorgasbord' fashion, in the order it was posted (personally I think it's more colorful and fun that way!), then please click on the tab that says 'artwork'. The newest entries show up first. However, if it helps you to view it in a more organized fashion, use the tab that says 'galleries'. These are more specific categories, somewhat like little showcases within the entire online collection.

You may find my blogs to be of interest as well. They mainly deal with the arts from a spiritual or metaphysical perspective.

I hope you will enjoy your browsing and shopping, and do come back often so you can see the latest additions!

Thank you for stopping by.

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Come Down O Love Divine by Yvonne Blasy


Luke Twelve Verse Forty Nine by Yvonne Blasy


Heart Melted In A Candy Shop by Yvonne Blasy


Sea Change by Yvonne Blasy


Fires Of Spring by Yvonne Blasy


Cross 2015 1 by Yvonne Blasy


Spirit Of Freedom by Yvonne Blasy


Autumn 2 by Yvonne Blasy


Autumn One by Yvonne Blasy


Autumnal Creation by Yvonne Blasy


Tabernacle For The Sun by Yvonne Blasy


Cross 33 by Yvonne Blasy


Christ Mind by Yvonne Blasy


Cross 32 by Yvonne Blasy


Cross 30 by Yvonne Blasy


Cross 29 by Yvonne Blasy


Sunset 1 by Yvonne Blasy


Firestorm In Black And White by Yvonne Blasy


Celestia Nova 1 by Yvonne Blasy


In The Beginning by Yvonne Blasy


Cross 28 by Yvonne Blasy


Cross 27 by Yvonne Blasy


Cross 26 by Yvonne Blasy


Cross 25 by Yvonne Blasy

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