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YukiGodbless Gallery

Pattaya, CHONBURI - Thailand

YukiGodbless Gallery - Fine Art Gallery

YukiGodbless Gallery - Fine Art Gallery

Member Since: 03/06/2012

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YukiGodbless Profile

YukiGodbless is Atistcraft artist and Armor maker from Thailand age 22, She was born in artist family in northern of thailand.Her mother is a movie star and great artist of thailand also her father. When she was 12 years old she started to joined on art competitions in Thailand and after she won many great competitions she become one of the best top 4 younth artist in thailand in 2007.
People know her as an armor maker who started by cosplay and talent cosplayer.Because of her ideal that 'Do it best as I can every details for my art and make my own art from love and inspiration only,I can feel my self that no body watch this world like me.So I trying to speak out what is on my mind and my head ' It make her art piece very unique

About Skills

YukiGodbless love free hand sketch but after she become the armor maker she have good skill to use craft foam because every armors made by craft foam only .She love to use bright colour in ever kind of colour,And the best kill she have is paiting with brushs.

About style

She is conservative who resplect in old culture,She love thai art style,Chinese art and also love to learn old art culture around the world. she said 'I can't deny that I really love thai art and literature because it always make me feel how the world beatiful and I can feel peaceful in the same time,every art I made I use these feeling be base of my art just like the is base on every painting but it is one of the important things also'

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