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Wide Awake Arts

Summertown, Tn - United States

Wide Awake Arts - Fine Artist

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About Wide Awake Arts

Creativity releases my passions, expressed in a multitude of ways...Anything that will take me OUT OF DOORS! Animal Lover and Pet Rescue! I have many!!! Focus on the Spiritual Connectivity in the Universe! I am a Nurturer....Flowers and Flowering Trees, and TREES and the SKY all these things inspire me and bring me great joy!

In February 2010 I was given a small digital camera as a gift. I had Never used one prior to that and did not even try it until June of that year! I had used SLR with lenses and filters but never owned one. So this has been a lot of fun learning and playing with, except now I have caught the bug and want to go to the next level! I will consider any and all special requests if you do not see exactly what you are looking for. I work in water colors acrylics, oils and pen and ink, besides using the camera. Portraits of people and pets (preferably from photos) are a specialty!

My artist abilities were spotlighted when I was in grade school by putting my casual drawings on a 'travelling art board' that went from school to school ..as I got older my teachers took me aside to encourage and support me, but it was not until high school and hormones that my work became much more elaborate and prolific...However, when the time came to chose going to art school, I felt I could not SELL my gift...it was too personal! It could Never be commercialized! But here I am a great many years later, with a WHOLE different understanding of how it all fits...To have anyone else appreciate what I have put my SELF into is the greatest compliment...

Most of my free time is spent with my cats, dogs and horse and enjoying my acreage hopefully to be a working farm soon...I am an avid reader, and enjoy fantasy and science fiction, mysteries and humor..When I do sit for TV, it is PBS!!! Flowers in my garden are of great delight and inspiration, and I am in BIG SKY country with awesome sunsets and cloud formations and stupendous storms. As many artists do, I also write prose and have considered a small book, preferably for children because they understand better how to set their minds free!!

I never will stop exploring and learning and trying and doing, which is why I am here. This has been a positive and most helpful and enlightening experience so far, and hope that it progresses into the far future!

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