Wendy Emel - Fine Artist

Wendy Emel

Silverdale, WA - United States








Wendy Emel

Silverdale, WA - United States

Wendy Emel - Fine Artist

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About Wendy Emel

Hello, I'm Wendy Emel, I live in the small community of Port Ludlow, Washington. I've had a passion for taking pictures since watching my Dad taking pictures of my brothers, sisters and myself. My Dad had a Kodak Polaroid Land Camera, he used an off camera light bar, (that blinded us) I still remember the magic of watching the picture developing right before my eyes! My first camera was a Kodak Brownie given to me for my 10th birthday, wow, it had a built in flash! I took photography classes in highschool and took pictures for my school newspaper, I was hooked.
I met and married the love of my life and business administration became my career of choice. I have never been far away from photography, taking pictures of my family and friends is a great pleasure in my life and always will be. I've even managed to squeeze my photography into some aspects of our family business. Now that I'm nearing retirement, I find I have an insatiable desire for taking photographs of everything around me that I see as beautiful in some way. Thank you for taking the interest in looking at my photographs. Sincerely, Wendy Emel

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Seattle night sky by Wendy Emel


Avalanche Creek by Wendy Emel


Old Barn by Wendy Emel


San Diego at night by Wendy Emel


Needle in a Glass Ball by Wendy Emel


Big Horned Sheep by Wendy Emel


End of the ride by Wendy Emel


Coronado Ferry by Wendy Emel


Lepard Cub by Wendy Emel


Hear No Evil by Wendy Emel


Kissing by Wendy Emel


Julia by Wendy Emel


Vision in Pink by Wendy Emel


Slipper Orchid by Wendy Emel


Butterfly Eye by Wendy Emel


San Diego Skyline by Wendy Emel


Vancouver Canada by Wendy Emel


Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and Dallas Skyline by Wendy Emel


Doe by Wendy Emel



Doe and Buck by Wendy Emel


Buck by Wendy Emel


Sunrise fishing by Wendy Emel


Monarch 3 by Wendy Emel


Monarch 2 by Wendy Emel

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