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About WarkInuit

WarkInuit is the only Inuit art dealer and virtual gallery ever to specialize in Inuit wallhangings created by Inuit artists in Canada's Arctic regions of Nunavut and Nunavik.

The most common form of wallhanging has felt appliqués and embroidery floss hand-stitching on a backing of either duffle (heavy wool cloth) or stroud (a lighter wool cloth). Baker Lake, Arviat and Rankin Inlet are the three main wallhanging-producing communities, all located on the west coast of Hudson Bay. Other types of wallhangings include woven works (produced only in Pangnirtung) and sealskin pieces with inset contrasting sealskin. Wallhangings containing beadwork and caribou bone faces are characteristic of the community of Arviat.

Inuit imagination, sense of humour, and cultural history and beliefs are all illustrated in these fine art wallhangings. Shamanism or a traditional belief in man-animal transformations are frequent subjects of wallhanging imagery, as are depictions of historical nomadic and camp life, living off the land. Some of the artists who created this art form in the mid-20th century and who were born on the land and lived in seasonal camps are still active in their 80s and producing beautiful works today, utilizing the essential stitchwork skills that they learned in order to produce the waterproof clothing essential to survival.

Inuit wallhangings are included in all the major public and private collections of Inuit art worldwide. No Inuit art collection is complete without at least one wallhanging. Whether you call them textiles, tapestries, weavings, fabric art, works of art on cloth, or in the Baker Lake, Nunavut dialect of Inuktitut, 'nivingajuq' (something to hang on the wall), we offer both older and newer works in a range of prices, sizes, shapes, colours and compositions.

Viewing of items in our inventory, in person, can be arranged by appointment. We will travel to acquire collections of older wallhangings.
If you are interested in selling your Inuit wallhangings to WarkInuit or looking to give new life to your Inuit art collection by trading wallhangings, please contact us.

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Qiviut Sedna With Ulu by Agnes Nulluq Iqqugaqtuq


Sedna And Inukshuks by Sarah Ulikattaq

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