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Walt Foegelle

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida - United States








Walt Foegelle

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida - United States

Walt Foegelle - Fine Artist

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About Walt Foegelle

I started drawing in early childhood and painting as a pre-teen. As a young adult I studied photography with the intent of using it to augment my art in references for painting, but my instructor told me to choose: art or photography; I chose photography. Now I no longer have to chose, I can combine art and photography. Here, therefore, are six things about my art:

1. My MEDIUM is photography-based digital art. I use a photographic image as a canvas upon which to create art using a computer.

2. My SUBJECTS tend to be ordinary things. I am intrigued by the beauty in the unremarkable, the mundane, the easily overlooked. My notion of creativity, therefore, is based largely on making the familiar unique (think about that!).

3. My PALETTE is often black-and-white. I believe that tonality is much more important than color, and that there is abundant clarity and drama in the simplicity of monochrome. However, I do not disregard color if it makes a superior image.

4. My FORMAT is sometimes square. I have observed that there is a certain visual comfort that equilateral symmetry affords, plus there is great versatility in placement of the final product when decorating.

5. My TECHNIQUES primarily involve the reduction of detail and the manipulation of light, the very essence of photography, especially in the midtones. I try to enhance the beauty already present by concentrating on tonality in major features.

6. My ABSTRACT STYLE is most frequently “2-for1 Abstracts.” My images resemble a topographical map (layers of slices) but instead of the 'rings' depicting changes in elevation, they depict changes in tonality and/or color. When viewed very close, you see an elaborate tonal-layered abstract with nuanced graded shading; viewed from a distance, you see evidence of the original photograph.

DEFENSE OF DIGITAL ART. Digital art and traditional fine art are really quite similar. Both are labor intensive. Both use the same tools: brushes, color palette, artistic techniques, etc. Both require talent, creativity, and skills (a computer does not “make art” and software does not “do it for you.' Owning a computer and Photoshop with plug-in software does not mean you can use them, any more than owning a good quality sable brush means you can use it effectively).

However, digital art is different from traditional art in some important ways. You do not need an easel. You have no need to use messy, smelly, products. Your paint doesn’t take long to dry. You have absolutely no clean-up. Your physical space requirement - for storage of completed works - is non-existent, so your studio scan be smaller.

Digital art has allowed me to expand both my art and my photography into new dimensions.

- - - - - - - -

I will happily REMOVE (or add) BORDERS or otherwise EDIT ANY IMAGE to your specifications; please, just let me know.

- - - - - - - -

© Images in this portfolio are NOT in the public domain, they are owned by the artist, Dr. Walter E. Foegelle, and are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws; they may NOT be downloaded, reproduced, copied, altered, edited, published, or transmitted in any way, or for any purpose, without specific written permission from the artist . . . if you do, you are a thief.

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