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Rio Rico, AZ - United States








Tom Daniel

Rio Rico, AZ - United States

Tom Daniel - Fine Artist

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About Tom Daniel

I have always been fascinated by deserts. Where others see barren ground, I see a land teeming with life. Lack of water creates a world which values it. Water and wind sculpt the land into graceful forms and unusual shapes. The desert is not drab; it is filled with color, some delicate, some intense. Ironically, the marvelous subtlety of eastern landscape makes that an even greater challenge.

Beauty without purpose is mere window dressing. Through my photography I hope to instill in the viewer a greater appreciation of nature and an understanding of the need to preserve these fragile resources.

The most important part of the “big picture” is in the detail. Large format photography is the ideal medium to control perspective and capture that detail. Even while photographing the great icons of our American landscape I seek out fresh new images by concentrating on less published, but no less beautiful aspects of a locale.

The digital darkroom provides a level of control in color photography which has always existed in the black & white darkroom. Dodging, burning, and other printing corrections can be performed on the computer with greater accuracy and consistency than in the optical darkroom. This enables me to create images as I saw the scene without the limitations of equipment and film while maintaining artistic integrity.

Although most of my work is with color, there are some scenes where the lines and shapes are so strong that the color is a distraction. Those images are printed in black & white or a toned process.

For signed prints or special products and sizes, please contact me directly at or visit my web site

Tom Daniel

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Tumacacori Spring-V by Tom Daniel


Tumacacori Spring-H by Tom Daniel


Tumacacori Bladderpod by Tom Daniel


Natural Petroglyph-45 by Tom Daniel


Natural Petroglyph by Tom Daniel


Toroweap Wall by Tom Daniel


Moon over Tumacacori Mortuary-SQ by Tom Daniel


Moon over Tumacacori Mortuary by Tom Daniel


Moon over Tumacacori Cemetery by Tom Daniel


Two Hats by Tom Daniel


Yellow Foot by Tom Daniel


Weird HooDoos by Tom Daniel


Turtle Rock-V by Tom Daniel


Turtle Rock-SQ by Tom Daniel


Dish Rack 1 by Tom Daniel


Cracked Eggs 3 by Tom Daniel


Turtle Rock by Tom Daniel


Ir-13 by Tom Daniel


King of Wings-SQ by Tom Daniel


Tumacacori Mission NE Corner by Tom Daniel


Tumacacori Mission NE Corner by Tom Daniel


Bell Tower in Door by Tom Daniel


North Convento Wall by Tom Daniel


Fertile Mound by Tom Daniel

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   |   Images = 276





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