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Teresa Beyer

Mountain View, CA - United States








Teresa Beyer

Mountain View, CA - United States

Teresa Beyer - Fine Artist

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About Teresa Beyer

My desire is to paint a soulful soft perception of the world that creates a feeling of beauty, serenity and love. Artwork is a common language ~~ and mine is an expression from my heart. When people respond to my work, I know that I have connected through that intimate, magical language of painting. I live to paint and it is a privilege and an honor to be an artist. I paint and create from my heart and soul.

I enjoy painting a variety of things, natureís organic and expressive beauty found in flowers, buildings of historical meaning and many times finding inspiration from simple pleasures and treasures found around my home and studio.

I love being a tourist in my hometown or while traveling. Always carrying a camera and sketchbook with me, when I see something that calls to me I photograph it from different angles and do a quick sketch.

Once I have selected an image that I totally love I draw it out with a pencil, not going into to much detail. This allows the painting to develop as a radiant spiritual expression. Painting in watercolor is a medium that flows and blends creating many happy surprises. The glazing process offers a depth and luminosity that is exciting and rich. If itís a landscape I work from the back to the front. With a floral Iíll work from the center out. Adding layers and shadows as the paint dries. Creating a soulful soft perception of the world.

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Masquerade by Teresa Beyer

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