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Therese AbouNader

Beirut, M - Lebanon

Therese AbouNader - Fine Artist

Therese AbouNader

Member Since: 08/30/2009

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As a teenager I became inspired to draw portraits of my friends in the school . I liked using pencil or pen and ink for most of my drawings, first, and oil medium, later.

It's only, in the last 25 years, been that I felt moved to work in Abstract, Cubism, Figurative, Contemporary Arts. There is so much freedom involved. I felt Always, a big Love of all kind of Arts. My Art Classes was in 1989 in Munson-Williams- Proctor Institut. My Teacher, used to give me a very challenged subject to do, and was surprised to see my final paintings so Wonderful, as he said.

1992, I was invited to Exhibit my Works in Montreal-Canada and Dr. Samir Moukal from Radio-Canada, likes my works he saw in this Exhibition, and choose me between all Artists sharing this Exhibition, to a Meeting, for Radio Canada. A Very known Persons was buying from my Artworks to add to their Collections, and the most in a Private Collections.
The most of my Watercolors, was floral and the Style was Classic Modern, and some Abstract Symbolic and Cubism. l Did some Acrylics Paintings too, l like so much this fast and Quick drying medium, and keep working till now with it. But, Keep Focusing on Watercolors for this First solo Exhibition.
In 1995, l returned to my First Origin Country, to Lebanon, Country of the sun, and the sea, and the mountain.

1996 May 14, First Solo Exhibition,at, Gallery La Toile, Rimal, was a Succes, 56 Flowers Artworks. The Most was Watercolors, and some Acrylics, and Oils on Canvas. Only 40 percent was for sale, the rest was Private Collections. More than thirty five Magazines, writing In Arabic, English, and French, ( Orient Le Jour, La Revue Du Liban, le Commerce Du Levant, and English too.and others, like newspapers, ( el Nahar),( el Hayat ) Important Critic d'Arts, as: Abdo Wazen, Joseph Assaf, and Many Others, l respect All of them, Really, Nobody hurt my feelings, and their Comments was Positive. The Famous Fadel Said AKL, while visited personally my Exhibition, in La Toile. wrote his critic, for the second time in El Nahar, the First Newspaper in Lebanon.And Others wrote in few Newspapers and Magazines too, and Television Meeting, during an Arts Programs, except one TV, They were talking Poem about those Paintings.
1997: a Collective Exhibit. at the minister of tourism, Hamra Street, Lebanon.
1997; Collective exhib. at a new Gallery at Chtaura, Graffity Gallery. The occasion was the opening of this Gallery.

1998: First Symposium at Ehden (North of Lebanon, and near 'GIBRAN KHALIL GIBRAN' village and museum).
1998: Symposium at the Municipality of Jounieh. The Purpose was to put the first step to a new museum in this lovely country near the sea.

1999: Symposium at Zahle, At Fayrouz Chamoun Arts Center, The Oldest Art Center in the Bekaa country.

2000: Many Exhibitions was running Across All the Lebanese Countries from the South to the North to the East and The Final Artshow was in the Lebanese Artists Association--Painters and Sculptors

2001: COLLECTIVE ARTS EXHIBITION IN ADG IN Gemmayzeh, Touristic Area, near Beirut.
l was invited to Many Televisions for a Meeting, talking about my Art, Showing my last paintings, And exposed ones too.

Collective Exhibition in Unesco-Beirut-Lebanon, Honoring the Lebanese Official Army, (Feast of the Army).

Collective Exhibition in Rashaya, for the Indepandance Day.

2002: l was invited BY 'LE CERCLE DES ARTS ' to a Solo Exhibition the place was in the Arts show room, at The Hotel Le Meridien-Commodore in 'Hamra Street', for one month. During that, Many Televisions meetings like New Tv, TL Teleliban, LBC and Tv5 French Tv too, and many radio meetings like Voice of Lebanon and radio Van, and others, too, Lebanese Magazines, Arabic, French and another Foreign too.

2004 Invitation from 'UCIP LIBAN',To an Exhibition In 'Emile Lahoud Center, Salle des Congres', Jounieh High way..
As a full time Artist, l'm still working daily for many hours between 10 and 14 hours, day or/and night. Paintings, is my 'Absolute Love', because Working with my Feelings All my Artworks...And my Dreams Too...

2007-2008-2009 Many Collectives Exhibitions, Inside the ADG-Gemmayzeh.
Many of The Artworks, in Some Private Collections, In Lebanon, Ireland, Canada, and USA .
l am preparing a New Solo Art Exhibition, Hope will be soon.

Some of my Artworks you can see in '', and in, online Galleries.
I'm preparing for another solo Exhibition, in Lebanon, Hope it will be soon...

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Therese AbouNader - Cup Of Wine  Fish  And...

Cup Of Wine Fish And...

Therese AbouNader

Therese AbouNader - Special Gift To My Dad

Special Gift To My Dad's...

Therese AbouNader

Therese AbouNader -   Around The Table

Around The Table

Therese AbouNader

Therese AbouNader - MODERN GLASSES WITH  RED...


Therese AbouNader

Therese AbouNader - IRIS 07 w

IRIS 07 w

Therese AbouNader

Therese AbouNader - Early Morning Canna

Early Morning Canna

Therese AbouNader

Therese AbouNader - Lilly Of Lebanon

Lilly Of Lebanon

Therese AbouNader

Therese AbouNader - Freesias


Therese AbouNader

Therese AbouNader - Camomille


Therese AbouNader

Therese AbouNader - Spring Time

Spring Time

Therese AbouNader

Therese AbouNader - Cyclamens Of Lebanon

Cyclamens Of Lebanon

Therese AbouNader

Therese AbouNader - Baby

Baby's Face

Therese AbouNader

Therese AbouNader -  Abstract With Space

Abstract With Space

Therese AbouNader

Therese AbouNader - Lady

Lady's Night With Music

Therese AbouNader

Therese AbouNader - Boats

Boats's Reflections at...

Therese AbouNader

Therese AbouNader -  Dream


Therese AbouNader

Therese AbouNader - See You In The Futur

See You In The Futur

Therese AbouNader

Therese AbouNader - Still Life With Lemon...

Still Life With Lemon...

Therese AbouNader

Therese AbouNader -  Still Life With Fish...

Still Life With Fish...

Therese AbouNader

Therese AbouNader -  Candle Reflexion

Candle Reflexion

Therese AbouNader

Therese AbouNader - Boats Family

Boats Family

Therese AbouNader

Therese AbouNader - FISHERMAN of boats 4

FISHERMAN of boats 4

Therese AbouNader

Therese AbouNader - Art De Vivre

Art De Vivre

Therese AbouNader

Therese AbouNader - FISH and SHAPES


Therese AbouNader

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