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Tara Cordero - Fine Artist

Tara Cordero

Tampa, FL - United States








Tara Cordero

Tampa, FL - United States

Tara Cordero - Fine Artist

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April 25th, 2014







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About Tara Cordero


My name is Tara Marie Cordero and I just entered my 35th year on God's green earth (ack!). I am the single mother to a lovely little mini-me named Serena. She is 10 going on 11 next month (double ack!) and we are doing the homeschool thing (uber ack!). I currently reside in humid (but beautiful) Tampa, Florida which has been my home my whole life. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Penn State with a Bachelor's in Law and Society (don't call me smarty pants though!) I was actually in real estate (as an assistant) for 8 years before I decided to make a go of art full-time. Scary - but awesome!


So I am what you would call a 'self-taught' artist. Throughout the years I did some hobby drawing, painting and crafts but did not really give it my all until fairly recently. I won't pretend to be something I am not - I am in the beginning stages of what I hope to be a long-term career in art. No awards (yet) or huge commissions (yet), but I have drive and I am relentless when I want something. After being in a dark place for a long time, art is one of the only things that I wholeheartedly enjoy doing. My creativity and inspiration comes from what I think is a unique perception of everything that surrounds me and that I have experienced in my life. My art exemplifies every emotion under the rainbow - love, determination, confusion, fear, sympathy, hopelessness, happiness and fascination. My #1 goal is to connect with people through these common feelings. Whoa - that got deep for a second!


1. Besides art, the law is a passion of mine. I love all aspects of it - criminal law especially. I am so nerdy with pretty much every crime show you can watch on TV, as well as every serial killer book I can read. My mom worries about me in this aspect (just kidding).

2. Music - I can't do much without jamming. I literally like every kind of music there is; techno, 80's, 90's, pop, rock, opera, country, trance, classical, instrumental, dubstep...I could go on. I think music connects with and influences people in a similar way as art ad creativity.

3. Favorite color - purple (it's purty).

4. I love cats; I have one named Rosy. If all else fails, I could always retire on a hill somewhere and become the crazy cat lady - for sure.

5. Favorite scent - lavendar (duh - it's purple).

6. If Breyers ever stops making mint chocolate chip ice cream, I will easily fall into a deep depression.

7. Makes me go ick - men with long fingernails. Don't think I need to elaborate there; just . . . ew.

8. Makes me ticked - people who think they are better than others. We are all just trying to do our best in life - don't poo on anyone's parade!

9. Makes me go ick again - shallow and materialistic people. Physical beauty fades people, we will all sag somewhere eventually. That's why you should buy art - it stays beautiful for forever!

10. My daughter - she makes me tick. All that I do is for her, I love that little nerd.

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Timeless Faith by Tara Cordero


Above Creation by Tara Cordero


Pink and Yellow Flower Daisy in Blue Vase by Tara Cordero


Moonlight Night Eerie Tree by Tara Cordero


Dark Night Tree and Moon by Tara Cordero


Purple Gerbera Daisy Flower by Tara Cordero


Abstract Tree White Cherry Blossoms by Tara Cordero

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