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Susan Washington

East Stroudsburg, PA - United States

Susan Washington - Fine Artist

Susan Washington

Member Since: 02/03/2013

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My father was a painter and a lover of all things Japanese, even though he was Italian. My god parents were from Hiroshima. We were the only ones growing up Brooklyn that had a tatami room, kabuki dolls and japanese art on the walls. My life in the early years was inspired by japanese culture. So it was no surprise really when I decided I needed to let out my pented years of creativity on the canvas, the first thing that came out was very japaense in the form of my version of a Geisha.

I have no formal experience, only that of watching my dad paint and then later on, after a divorce and remarriage I met a very talented artist who relocated from England to the Poconos and we married. He has also inspired me and for the last many years I have been getting urges to play with paint and color. Maybe once a year Ill get a canvas and try my hand, and even though my husband offerred so much assistance, i never felt it was any good and more frustration than anything would come out of it and that was another painting thrown in the basement.

However, getting older and wanting to find my 'thing' in live has really driven me to do this and do it sucessfully, or at least LOVE it. I painted my first real painting. A friend of mine who owns a gallery asked me to bring it in. It was a pretty big painting at over 4 feet tall, but I decided to go for it. She loved it so much she wanted to put it in a show she was having. It sold the next day. How inspiring was that? A lovely couple who just came back from living in Japan for four years said that I captured four years of their stay in one picture.

It pushed me further to reveal myself to the world and each new painting I do, i am amazed by the responses I get. From qualified well known photographers to world famous painters. And the feeling i get when someone reaches into my painting and pulls things out, finds happiness in the mark making and the colors, well, its a great feeling. It took me a long time to let myself get out there, but the time was now. Painting is therapeutic, it takes me to another place that i become totally engrossed in the paint and the reaction of colors with each other...its my vacation. And I am taking one EVERY day!

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Susan Washington - Domestic Goddess 3

Domestic Goddess 3

Susan Washington

Susan Washington - Domestic Goddess 4

Domestic Goddess 4

Susan Washington

Susan Washington - Domestic Goddess 2

Domestic Goddess 2

Susan Washington

Susan Washington - Domestic Goddess 1

Domestic Goddess 1

Susan Washington

Susan Washington - Haruka


Susan Washington

Susan Washington - Sakura Billboard

Sakura Billboard

Susan Washington

Susan Washington - SakuraSan


Susan Washington

Susan Washington - In the Mist II

In the Mist II

Susan Washington

Susan Washington - Geisha Series 2

Geisha Series 2

Susan Washington

Susan Washington - Geisha Series 1

Geisha Series 1

Susan Washington

Susan Washington - In the Mist

In the Mist

Susan Washington

Susan Washington - Jada


Susan Washington

Susan Washington - Kaisan


Susan Washington

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