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Steven Milner

Murray, UT - United States








Steven Milner

Murray, UT - United States

Steven Milner - Fine Artist

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About Steven Milner

A note to my Customers: The Fine Art America water mark WILL NOT Appear on your purchased prints. As of October 2012, I have started signing all of my work. It is done in a subtle way and gives my work a more personal touch. This electronic signature will remain a part of your final purchase. If you desire work not signed, please contact me by email, I will be happy to arrange for unsigned work to reach your walls, rooms, homes and offices.

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The images you experience in this gallery represents one persons unique view of the world, a world we all share; expressed by Fine Art Photographer Steven F. Milner . In life, messages invade the corneas rushing images to our brains providing over stimulation with no time to pause or reflect. As we view a photograph this invasion slows for a brief moment, our minds begin to focus; contemplating the lighting, angles and subjects captured forever in that one single frame. Each observer takes control of the process, managing and absorbing, at his or her own pace, the messages each image wants to deliver to our hearts and souls. This is the only way to experience photographic art, not rushed but savored. Slow down, stay awhile and savor the photographic fare of Steven Milner, the time invested will reward your senses with a visual taste from a moment in time captured forever. If something jumps out, grabs you and won't leave your mind, drop an email to Steven. He's always ready to hear the good, the bad and the ugly. Remember, it's your comments that keep this gallery fresh and alive. Changes do occur here, so please return soon to check out the newest additions to his Fine Art Photography gallery. When you purchase one of Steven's Fine Art Photographs, for yourself or as a gift, it provides the support which all artists value and appreciate and in turn this support provides you with more creative works to enjoy for years to come.

A brief tale . . .

My love of photography started in my junior year of high school, years before if I count motion pictures. I took a graphic arts class which introduced me to the camera, developing and the darkroom; all things a growing boy needed, besides food, a fast car and a pretty girl friend, mind you not in that order. That class put me alongside the road to finding center. Thinking a 35mm camera is what I needed but could not afford, I settled on my father�s crummy old twin lens reflex camera. An inexpensive camera, my missing brain cells cloud the name, with a viewfinder that saw everything upside down and with only three F-stops, it reluctantly became the platform for my youthful enthusiasm and woefully inexperienced beginnings taking pictures. I sure wish that camera still hung around my neck today.

Nervously, heart pounding with anticipation, I successfully developed that first roll of 120 Tri-X film, unlocking the door that began my life long love affair with photographic expressionism. From the moment that first negative entered the enlarger and came to life under the yellowish dim glow of a safe light, my world began to change. Excitement grew when I slid white paper into trays filled with mysterious liquids and began to slowly strip silver away with gentle motions, fixing them forever in time. All these events happening in a darkroom filled with the aroma of acidic air, offering a place of security for my life-long addiction. Seeing that first image materialize in a tray of developer was a cathartic event, a realization of finding the ultimate way for my mind�s eye to communicate. I had arrived at the doorsteps of nirvana and knew it, even to this day.

I now find the beginnings of my circle reforming at the focal plane on the nearest horizon, which is where my journey began. The point of focus is now a new world of digital cameras, computers and electronic photographic processing that supersedes my old world beginnings of films, chemicals and darkrooms. I still have my first and only 35mm, a Nikkormat with a 50mm f/1.4 lens, she still refuses to die; as does my journey and love of photography.

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A Personal Footnote . . .

I believe that life is one long, sometimes bumpy and not so straight, continuous learning curve that never stops; it is the main event. It has always been the allure and draw for me. How about it, can the same be said of you? Let me know how you feel and what you think of my work and ideas, my e-mail is always open. I also love the Blues, Hot Mexican food and old black and white movies, not necessarily in that order.

Warm Regards;


These images and text contained here in do not belong to the public domain. Steven F. Milner is the sole registered copyright owner of all images and text on this site. Any copying, altering, displaying, distributing and/or selling of these images or text; without prior written consent from the artist are strictly prohibited by all national and international laws, treaties and agreements. Violations can and will be vigorously pursued and prosecuted, subject to all civil and criminal penalties.

(c) sfmilner. All rights reserved

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