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Steve Jorde

Idaho Falls, Idaho - United States








Steve Jorde

Idaho Falls, Idaho - United States

Steve Jorde - Fine Artist

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About Steve Jorde

I was born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1962 and moved to Idaho in 1973 and I have been an artist as long as I can remember! There were times as a toddler I would 'gesture-draw' on my bed-room wall with any writing untensil I could get my hands on (much to the dislike of my mother), and throughout my days in school I would do the same type of art-work in my text-books (much to the dislike of several teachers). There was a time in the 80's when I didn't do much art on paper/canvas but in the back of my mind my interest in the craft never left me. In my later years I've had the absolute pleasure of studying under Russian-Impressionist Marina Zavalova, and she taught me so much about colors and energy in painting. I consider myself an impressionist and am a STRICT plein-air artist when it comes to painting/pastel/drawing. My major influences in art are Pierre Bonnard, Sergei Bongart, Marina Zavalova, Ovanes Berberian, and Barry Raybould to name a few. I tend to lean on the 'warm side' when using oil paints and pastels, and I am fond of charcoal and mechanical pencils with drafting lead in them when sketching/drawing. I am currently studying with the Virtual Art Academy and am learning so much about the foundations of art. I'm really excited to be part of Fine Art America and I am looking forward to enjoying many years with the FAA staff and members!.

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Glory by Steve Jorde


Old Man by Steve Jorde


Sunflower Garden by Steve Jorde


Country Field and Trees by Steve Jorde


Autumn in the Park by Steve Jorde


Sunday Ticket by Steve Jorde


Old Dora Erickson School by Steve Jorde


Outdoor Still Life by Steve Jorde


Western Sunset by Steve Jorde


River Bottoms in Autumn by Steve Jorde


Garden on 11th Street by Steve Jorde


Cottonwood Grove by Steve Jorde


Dancing Children by Steve Jorde


Desert Sunset by Steve Jorde


Red in a Row by Steve Jorde


Rows of White by Steve Jorde


Shed in the Woods by Steve Jorde


Haystacks in Winter by Steve Jorde


Wine in Cabinet by Steve Jorde


Bassett Puppy by Steve Jorde


Last of the old Farms by Steve Jorde


Rainy Creek by Steve Jorde


Setting the Campfire by Steve Jorde


Old Farm by Steve Jorde

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