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Steve Hester

Fountain Inn, SC - United States








Steve Hester

Fountain Inn, SC - United States

Steve Hester - Fine Artist

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About Steve Hester

My father was in the United States Air Force and I traveled around the world growing up. I've lived in Okinawa Japan when I was 3 to 6 years old, I learned to speak Japanese and English at the same time. I was a 6 years old translating English to Japanese and Japanese to English for the adults (this might not be true, but, I like the story). We moved every year or two. I've lived in California, Kansas, Ohio, South Carolina, North Carolina and Philippians Islands. I joined the United States Army in Guam and served in Germany. After the Army I had a construction job that sent me traveling again, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina.

I've lived in Greenville South Carolina for the past twenty years. I can't think of a better place to settle down. I'm four hours from the Atlantic Coast and an hour and half from the Blue Ridge Mountains.

A few years ago I started a project called E.P.I.C ( Everyones Participation in a International Collaboration). Here are the message boards that shows the work in progress Color Me FAA message board ,,, EPIC RedBubble message board inviting artist from around the world to color on a B/W doodle art poster I drew almost 25 years ago. If you want to follow the progress, click on 'Galleries', 'EPIC', this shows the progression. The one titled 'EPIC Cropped', shows a close up image of what the artist has added to it. I can honestly say this is being colored by artist around the world, U.K., U.S.A., India, Republic of China, Canada, Argentina and Australia.

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