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Sofanya White

Carmel, CA - United States








Sofanya White

Carmel, CA - United States

Sofanya White - Fine Artist

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About Sofanya White

I am Blessed to be an artist living and working in Big Sur. The spectacular and raw Beauty is certainly a constant Inspiration for my art.

Whether in this environment or another, we are so fortunate to be capable of experiencing an immense range of emotions thoughts and feelings. These are all essential to our “aliveness”.
I desire to express through making art, the experiences of our Human Journey. I became aware of my love for making Art as a young girl at age nine when I did a portrait in charcoal of my Grandparents.
I’ve known a growing realization over the years that my main interest is the “Human Journey”….Life….and our connection with all things in Nature, the Universe. Regardless of the materials or style that I employ, my desire to depict this Human connection to the Universe is primary in my consciousness or what I refer to as The “Ultra Consciousness”.
I work in many mediums and enjoy them all. I’m intrigued by the mysteries revealed through Art. My love for colors has had me enthralled since 1996 and I’ve been involved in a proceess I call “Essence Portraits”.
This is a process involving one’s color patterns and allowing them to unveil (the person who’s portrait I’m painting) inner landscape. This has been a fascinating exploration as I’ve tuned into the healing frequencies of Colors, the imagery coming through the patterns, the information revealed in my Process and the experience with each person. I'm now experimenting in the realms of 'art as oracle'.

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Archangels by Sofanya White


Zeropoint by Sofanya White


Worship by Sofanya White

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