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Simon Kregar

Tucson, AZ - United States








Simon Kregar

Tucson, AZ - United States

Simon Kregar - Fine Artist

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About Simon Kregar

Simon Peter Kregar, Jr. is an Fine Artist working and living in the astronomy capital of the U.S., Tucson Arizona. His focus is science education, promoting a rational world view and skepticism. Subjects include noted authors, scientists and astronauts. He ranks himself as part of the Humanists and is an active member of the Skeptic Society and the International Association of Astronomical Artists. All works Copyright Simon Kregar 2013, unless noted. Most works are for sale by the Artist, email to inquire.

• Coconino Public Library- 1994
• Tucson Arts Councils Art Squared Art Market- 1999
• Gallery 55 Main- 2001
• The Gallery of the Holy Ghost- 2007
• Mesa Art Show- 2010
• D’Arte Gallery- Featured Artist, 2011
• Big Otters Gallery, Atheist Nexus- Featured Artist, 2012
• Pima/ Tucson Council on the Arts Open Studio Tour.
• American Atheists 50th national Convention Juried Art Show and Silent Auction.
• IAAA Art Show- Raytheon Anti Tampering Conference 2013
• Second Annual Arizona Science and Astronomy Expo 2013- IAAA Art Show
• Art of Planetary Science- University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory- Juried Art Show 2013
• Art On Tap, Tucson Museum of Art. Works selected for inclusion into this show. 2013
• American Atheists National Convention Art Show 2014
• Spacefest VI/ Novaspace Gallery Juried Art Show 2014
• Maker House Solo Art Show 2014
• Dragon Con Juried Art Show 2014

• Brewster Center for Abused Women- Donated Artwork
• The Positively Beautiful organization- Donated Artwork
• Society for Creative Anachronism- Art Director for Local Chapter.
• James Randi Educational Foundation- Donated Artwork
• Origins Project ASU, Dr. Lawrence Krauss- Donated Artwork
• University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory- Donated Artwork

• Nominated for the 2014 Governor's Arts Award which recognizes excellence in artistic expression and outstanding contributions to the AZ arts community.

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B2 at Triton by Simon Kregar


Iss by Simon Kregar



Stephen Hawking by Simon Kregar


Nikola Tesla by Simon Kregar


The Moment Before- Gene Cernan by Simon Kregar


Return to Philae by Simon Kregar


The Shore of the Cosmic Ocean by Simon Kregar


Gemini VIII Dave Scott by Simon Kregar


Gemini XI - Into The Void by Simon Kregar


Zytgloggenrichter- Albert Einstein by Simon Kregar


Across the Universe - Carolyn Porco by Simon Kregar


The Return by Simon Kregar


Cosmos- Carl Sagan by Simon Kregar


Vitruvian Man- Alan Bean. by Simon Kregar


Bill Nye - A Candle in the Dark by Simon Kregar


Gemini IV- Ed White by Simon Kregar


Ad Astra - Col. Chris Hadfield by Simon Kregar


Volcanos on Io by Simon Kregar


Neil deGrasse Tyson- Shore of the Cosmic Ocean by Simon Kregar


Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin by Simon Kregar


Last Man - Apollo 17 by Simon Kregar


Fibonaccis Mandela V.2 by Simon Kregar


The Moon Builders - Lunar Orbit and Let-Down Approach Simulator. by Simon Kregar


Apollo- For Mankind by Simon Kregar

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   |   Images = 57





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