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Simon Beamish

Cambridge, cambridgeshire - United Kingdom








Simon Beamish

Cambridge, cambridgeshire - United Kingdom

Simon Beamish - Fine Artist

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About Simon Beamish

In my pictures I try to create balance as well as a snapshot of times in my life

Most of them are to do with ego and certain emotional responses that I've had in my life.

In them I am trying to describe the mutli layered mind, both negative and positive and the various combinations of emotions that are released by a particular thought or combination of thought, as well as some instances where a character in the work will be... say at a point of perfection and then I try to address the emotional response that this provokes....although I think with certain aspects of this very simple shapes are good...but thats already been done by other artists...myself am trying to develop new styles and at the moment I haveseveral that are comin on nicely...but its fun seeing then evolve

This is only one description....and in my pictures I like to have several layers and several things that they can be. of course art is like music and unique to that my art I'm also trying to develop art that when looked at over long periods of time in kinda of sucks you in and changes

As well as dealing with evolution of this great reality and other realities that connect in my opinion with ours

Also some of my pics deal with connections that I believe exist and the various combinations and thoughts that these bring about

I believe that the thoughts you have a direct consequence..obviously to how you behave express and ultimately define one self and this is what I'm trying to express in my pics.

I feel I still have some distance to travel...but if it where easy and all over in a flash...then what would be the point

Live for the instant...that snapshot of what you experience in that moment...if you can express that feeling and thought behind that...then I feel that got to be a winner

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Hypermania In Space With Projection by Simon Beamish


Woman In Doorway by Simon Beamish


Person 2 by Simon Beamish


Colour by Simon Beamish


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I lean on you by Simon Beamish


Considered Energy by Simon Beamish


Upto It by Simon Beamish


Two Peopel by Simon Beamish


Icebreakers by Simon Beamish


Basket by Simon Beamish


Lights On Stcik by Simon Beamish


Fields Of Gold by Simon Beamish


Messages From God by Simon Beamish


People by Simon Beamish


Explosion by Simon Beamish


Dragon by Simon Beamish


Impanted Thought by Simon Beamish


Creation by Simon Beamish


Relaxed by Simon Beamish


Touched With Another by Simon Beamish


Lightening by Simon Beamish


Gateway by Simon Beamish


Beyound by Simon Beamish

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