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Sigrid Tune

Perris, CA - United States

Sigrid Tune - Fine Artist

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About Sigrid Tune

WELCOME !! View PORTRAITS and my ART HISTORY or call me (951) 378-4517 (California)

Originally from Norway, I have been creating art since childhood...and had an art studio/gallery -open to the public -
downtown (Main St.) Ventura, CA. For 15 years, painting commissions ( in all subjects ) along with my own art, while
enjoying the interaction with visitors.
I paint portraits in all subjects, - clothing, patio murals - indoor mural -CD covers - graphic art and designs - advertising layout -( professionally for a while ) - (shown on
Although I am self taught, (while holding down jobs to pay the rent -. my father was also an artist with a Masters Degree in art from University of Oslo, Norway.In addition, one sister is an artist.
My studio, is in a country setting - quiet and relaxing - yet close enough to hear nearby roosters crowing, dogs barking and I can get coffee from the nearest family cafe.

Recently...I paint stories. I think of a story scene, and paint it, creating the characters.Most recent is 'The Vikings - 3000 BC - Visit Ancient Egypt'. So I did a small series of that story...using characters from mythology.

Also, geared for children, am creating a village of little lambs, called Harmony Village. The main character is Chloe the Flying Lamb...(Copyright protected by U.S. & International Copyright Laws) Chloe has her own Facebook Page called - Sigrid Tune and Chloe the Flying Lamb - and all the stories take place in the Village. - the little lambs come alive and I create a story around them. I intend to bring them into animation. The child in me is enjoying this....I just make it up as I go along.I am a Shirley Temple fan...even today.
I paint the story, then think of and add the dialog. I have drawings ready to complete into paintings. Just a LOT of ideas. Doing the WORK part is the time consumer. I get other artists asking me for ideas.However the question would go like this: 'what's selling?'...Really? That's your question? I can't answer that, since I never ask myself that question.Be unique. Be an artist.Enjoy your work.

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In my personal life, I like things simple, direct and honest. Growing up in Norway, I had very good strong hard working parents. That always helps. Just thinking of them gives me strength.

You may contact me by phone at (951) 378-4517 in California U.S.A. or e-mail . ...or use the e-mail here on FAA.
I answer my own phone and am easy to talk to...or just leave a message. I'll get back to you.

Sigrid Tune 2016 * All work is the original work of Sigrid Tune. It is for sale & Copyright Protected by U.S. & International Copyright Laws.

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04.- September Sunrise in Perris,CA. by Sigrid Tune


520 Short Stop - 4x6 miniature by Sigrid Tune


519 Moonrest by Sigrid Tune


438 Redhead in Yellow Swim Suit 5x7 miniature by Sigrid Tune


390r Goldfinch on Red Tulip by Sigrid Tune


439 - Girl With New Hat 5x7 miniature by Sigrid Tune


521 -Sky in the Morning 5x7 miniature abstract by Sigrid Tune


517 The Big Bad Bully by Sigrid Tune


507b Brunhilde Portrait by the Pool by Sigrid Tune


362 Asian Girl by Sigrid Tune


427 b - Once Again - a Sunrise by Sigrid Tune


426 b Storm Over the River by Sigrid Tune


413 b.Christmas Morning by Sigrid Tune


500 Empires Never Die - Odin by Sigrid Tune


173cl. Peach Pink Tulips- 3 by Sigrid Tune


329 Tiger Angel by Sigrid Tune


20c Crystal Wonder by Sigrid Tune


351 Heart Like a Rose - the Arabian by Sigrid Tune


093 - Ten Happy Tulips by Sigrid Tune


167b. For What Do We Wait by Sigrid Tune


273 A Lioness Dreams by Sigrid Tune


273b Lioness Dreams by Sigrid Tune


507c ISIS at the NILE POOL by Sigrid Tune


507 Egypts Nile Ladies Bathing by Sigrid Tune


500a Her Journey to Egypt-Brunhild by Sigrid Tune


502 Isis holds-The TET-of OSIRIS by Sigrid Tune


506 Egyptian Cat Zig views Viking Longships by Sigrid Tune


Yes - by Sigrid Tune


505 Brunhilde and Odin on the Nile by Sigrid Tune


511 Hathor-Amentet-Isis and Osiris greet Brunhilde by Sigrid Tune


504 Birth of Horus in Papyrus Swamp by Sigrid Tune


508 HATHOR the Cow-goddess by Sigrid Tune


504a Isis Breast Feeding Horus-son of Osiris by Sigrid Tune


513 Why is THOTH Wearing a Sombrero. Isn't this Egypt. by Sigrid Tune


512 Osiris as the Moon God by Sigrid Tune


503 OSIRIS-ISIS and 4 Grandkids by Sigrid Tune


509 Osiris-Nepra - Grain god of Egypt by Sigrid Tune


52ac. Morning Star by Sigrid Tune


501 Osiris Feeds Gold to Horus by Sigrid Tune


400 Treading the Network by Sigrid Tune


170 EARTH - Our Family Tree by Sigrid Tune


015 a 57.21 The Boy by Sigrid Tune


015-57 a Angel of Mercy by Sigrid Tune


339 Girl with Lion Cub by Sigrid Tune


285 Rahsaan Roland Kirk by Sigrid Tune


375 Miles in Yellow Suit by Sigrid Tune


399 Russian Girl by Sigrid Tune


389-Crystal Blue China Girl by Sigrid Tune

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