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Sigrid Tune

Perris, CA - United States








Sigrid Tune

Perris, CA - United States

Sigrid Tune - Fine Artist

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About Sigrid Tune

WELCOME !! View PORTRAITS and my ART HISTORY or just call me at (951) 378-4517 (California)

Originally from Norway, I have been creating art since childhood...and had an art studio/gallery -open to the public -
downtown (Main St.) Ventura, CA. For 15 years. There I painted commissions ( in all subjects ) and my own art.
Including clothing, pottery, murals and other things. (shown on
I am self taught. My father also an artist had a Masters Degree in art from University of Oslo, Norway.
I try to listen to everything going on in this busy world. My favorite is radio. AM and FM. I don't watch live TV.

I have developed many painting techniques. When teaching, I ask the student:
'what do you want to learn - how do you want it to look?'Then show them the technique how to do that.
In a country setting is my studio - quiet and relaxing - yet close enough to drive
to the nearest Starbucks.

Latest work is a Children's Storybook series. It is in progress and the characters are being developed one at a time in painting form.
The main character is Chloe the Flying Lamb...(Copyright protected by U.S. & International Copyright Laws) and all the stories take
place in Harmony Village- a lamb community. Learning to Read and use words age 5 and

Other paintings are also in progress.

You may phone me at (951) 378-4517 in California U.S.A. or e-mail .
....Please and Thank YOU! just leave a message. I'll get back to you.

Sigrid Tune 2015 * All work is the original work of Sigrid Tune. It is for sale & Copyright Protected by U.S. & International Copyright Laws.

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505 Brunhilde and Odin on the Nile by Sigrid Tune


500 Empires Never Die - Odin by Sigrid Tune


501 Osiris Feeds Gold to Horus by Sigrid Tune


504 Birth of HORUS in Papyrus Swamp by Sigrid Tune


502 Isis holds-The TET-of OSIRIS by Sigrid Tune


503 OSIRIS-ISIS and 4 Grandkids by Sigrid Tune


52ac. Morning Star by Sigrid Tune


245 Peruvian Scarlets in Space by Sigrid Tune


417 Elephant called Constitution by Sigrid Tune


238 Oliveus Are Canned Together by Sigrid Tune


454 BABY LAMBS ride in the OLIVES by Sigrid Tune


451 Ben and Adeles Wedding by Sigrid Tune


455 Wanda and the Woolites by Sigrid Tune


441 CHLOE is Chosen by Sigrid Tune


260 Earth Angel by Sigrid Tune


401 Chloe Gets her Wings by Sigrid Tune


442 Chloe on Cloud 9 by Sigrid Tune


400 Treading the Network by Sigrid Tune


375 Miles in Yellow Suit by Sigrid Tune


285 Rahsaan Roland Kirk by Sigrid Tune


362 Asian Girl by Sigrid Tune


413 Christmas Morning by Sigrid Tune


339 Girl with Lion Cub by Sigrid Tune


389-Crystal Blue China Girl by Sigrid Tune

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   |   Images = 146





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