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Shirley Moravec

Lebanon, TN - United States








Shirley Moravec

Lebanon, TN - United States

Shirley Moravec - Fine Artist

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About Shirley Moravec

I have been interested in art, craft work, sewing and invention my whole life. I started sewing when I was old enough to hold a needle, fashioning doll clothes and then at age 9, I started sewing clothes for myself. By the time I was 14, I was making clothes for my family, relatives and later on--boyfriends. Also in my early teens, I started tying knots together and thought I made up a new craft-only to find out it was already invented. It was called macrame'. Drawing and art were always in the background because I wasn't sure it was 'productive' enough or practical. I always wanted to draw but there seemed to be a sense of guilt associated with it. Let's just say that nobody gave me 'their blessing' in regards to being an artist, even though it nagged at me all the time, and still does.

Now that I am older, my children grown, many grandchildren and some 'free' time-I feel that it's now or never! I have given myself permission to make ART.

Growing up in northern Minnesota gave me a great appreciation for the Great North Woods. I was practically in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Almost every summer-for many years we went camping on Trout Lake--often revisiting our favorite campsite on Paradise Island. The beautiful scenery, the cry of the loons and the secret blueberry patches hold some of my happiest memories.

Many of my images are from photos taken in my back yard-now in Lebanon Tennessee and yes-there are some images of northern Minnesota as well. I have never had to travel very far to find beauty or awe inspiring vistas or the tiny miracles of nature that are occurring all around us and for that I feel blessed.

I believe healing energy is all around us in nature and we only need to look to see it. I hope that my drawings and images will capture some of that spark to heal and energize those who see it~!

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Summer Field Flower by Shirley Moravec


Into the Light by Shirley Moravec


Field Surprise 3 by Shirley Moravec


Wild Oranges by Shirley Moravec


Pastural with Pink Border by Shirley Moravec


Purple Petunia by Shirley Moravec


Green Forest by Shirley Moravec


Soft Focus Path in the Woods by Shirley Moravec


The Clearing 2 by Shirley Moravec


A Wide Wooded Path by Shirley Moravec


Woven Woods by Shirley Moravec


Wooded Kaleidoscope by Shirley Moravec


Warm Woods by Shirley Moravec


Rustic Woods by Shirley Moravec


Tall Trees by Shirley Moravec


The Clearing by Shirley Moravec


Tall Tree Stand by Shirley Moravec


Mj by Shirley Moravec



Yikes 2 Ant on my Nose by Shirley Moravec


Deep Rose Purple Green by Shirley Moravec


Design in Black and Tan by Shirley Moravec


Pollenation by Shirley Moravec


Black Butterfly by Shirley Moravec


Flowering Vine by Shirley Moravec

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