Sheri Howe - Fine Artist

Sheri Howe

Asheville, NC - United States








Sheri Howe

Asheville, NC - United States

Sheri Howe - Fine Artist

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June 23rd, 2011







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About Sheri Howe

My work is a direct expression of my thoughts, visions and dreams, reflecting all that is essential and sacred: connection, reverence, compassion and love.
For me, the artistic impulse serves as a crucial form of positive action, interaction and communication. It is also my form of counterculteralism.
The interaction with and connection to the natural world compels me and is certainly at the core of my creative existence and expression.
As an artist, however, I find I am unable to explain or define myself. The process simply draws me in and the creative vision unfolds. My connection to the muse is very unbiased, unpredictable and spontaneous, never stagnant or definitive.
My work reflects a moment of contemplation, an offering, and a prayer and is the visual language of my remembering of all that is ancient, beautiful, nurturing, sustaining, powerful and mysterious and of our absolute interconnectedness.
It is a personal vision compelling us toward true connection, understanding, and the divine impulse of living creatively and consciously. It is an awakening vision and an invitation.
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Cette Vie est Sacree by Sheri Howe

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