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Shelly Fox

Saskatoon, SK - Canada








Shelly Fox

Saskatoon, SK - Canada

Shelly Fox - Fine Artist

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About Shelly Fox

Hi. I'm Shelly Fox.
Thanks for dropping by.

Photography was a natural progression. I wanted something new. I was looking for something more spirit friendly as opposed to something that would simply earn me a living. One day I was dusting my camera collection. I had been collecting them for years. I had dabbled a bit in photography but not seriously enough to develop any sort of skill set. A realization hit me in a moment. This is what I should be doing. The decision was made that fast. I found a professional photography course online and enrolled the very next day. I recall emailing a friend outlining what I had decided to pursue. Her response surprised and validated me. She said ďCongratulations on coming out of the closet. You have been a photographer since I have known you. Glad you finally realize it.Ē I have learned that sometimes you have to travel down a few grid roads before you find your highway.

I work primarily with digital but am comfortable with film. Iíve learned to do the technical stuff very well. A definite must for Commercial work and digital communication. There is always something new to learn in the field of photography. I love that.

On the fine art end of things for me it is all about emotion, mood, and the story. My photos tend to be vibrant images that are very reflective of my rural roots. Personaly I am very drawn to old captures. Iím very drawn to slightly unusual, slightly off kilter. Iím a huge Diane Arbus fan.

When I am out shooting I keep the following thought in mind: Life is not perfect. Why then would its reflection ever be? The answer I always come up with is that it would not be perfect. In addition to this philosophy I apply two other strategies to my workflow. The first is that I do the best that I can and the second is that I have fun.

Iíve found my highway. Where it takes me is an unknown. I think thatís terrific because I love surprises.

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