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Sheila Price

Belfast, ME - United States








Sheila Price

Belfast, ME - United States

Sheila Price - Fine Artist

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About Sheila Price

Southern born American, Sheila has lived 19 of her years in the state of Maine. Inspired by Nature she has studied Maine Birds and Wildlife, painting, photographing and writing. Sheila's Longlife Arts Studio rest along side Goose River in Belfast, her life beside the river is slow and quiet. Studying Goose River wildlife for 10 years you find in her photographic stories that she strives to simplify the scene, only giving you what is needed to tell a tale from Nature.

From Nature never take what is not given to you is the rule she lives by daily. Telling a story, usually with a soft, poetic point of view , she sometimes gives wildlife human qualities. She quietly moves among the wildlife waiting for hours sometimes to catch the desired recording of Nature.

Three years was spent living in Japan and while there she studied Sumi painting & Japanese Doll-making, she was greatly influenced by Asian art and has developed a photographic style she has labeled as

Sumi-Photo Impressionism

In her Impressionism, she waits patiently for the perfect light and reflection and manipulates her Nikon Camera at the right moment to capture the image that tells a short story of Nature. She has artwork from Florida, Hawaii, Maine and Japan. During her years she lived in Japan three years and travelled to Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, and Hawaii.

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Snowy Egret Impression by Sheila Price


White Lily by Sheila Price


Peony White by Sheila Price


Tulip Pink by Sheila Price


Wing of Flight by Sheila Price


Great Spangled Butterfly Wings by Sheila Price


Cose to a Rose by Sheila Price


Maine Monarch by Sheila Price


Miss Ruby Throated Hummingbird by Sheila Price


Maine Narcissus by Sheila Price


California Coast Bird by Sheila Price


Ruby Throat by Sheila Price


Baby Chickadee by Sheila Price


Male Junco Spring by Sheila Price


Ruby Throated Hummingbird in the Rain by Sheila Price


Impression of a Duck by Sheila Price


First Robin by Sheila Price


Black Swan Hawaii by Sheila Price


Jesus has Risen by Sheila Price


Rock Drop Fall Impression by Sheila Price


Temple Doves by Sheila Price


Daizy Impression by Sheila Price


Great White Egret Bowing by Sheila Price


Wing Span Great White Egret by Sheila Price

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