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Sheena Pike

Alberta, AB - Canada








Sheena Pike

Alberta, AB - Canada

Sheena Pike - Fine Artist

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About Sheena Pike

Self-Learned, stay at home mother with a dream and profound desire to pursue a future in art. My husband has graciously supported my journey in discovering myself and sharing my work with the world. Inspired by many things I enjoy working from feeling and exploring the beautiful imaginative world of surrealism by combining realistic and illustrative styles with portraiture. Sometimes delicate, sometimes dark my work often evokes an intensity telling a story. I hope to inspire and captivate my audience with intricate details exploring femininity, nature, surreal and macabre images.

I took a break from drawing after graduating from High school..... Experiencing a tragic loss in my life I turned back to art as a way to heal and in doing so the fire was reignited . Thanks to my unborn child and the lesson I learned from my personal tragedy I was steered to the right path and have reinvented myself, my art and my future. Inspiration is all around me; submerging me into a state of creative conscience. I suffer from anxiety disorder and art has been a beautiful coping mechanism and form of healing.

I hope to interest others in my art by sharing how I see the world. Forever captured by my visions I am a prisoner with a pencil in hand, then I set myself free.

(I also dabble in Digital Art & Photography as Well)

'Never Strive for Ordinary'
-Sheena Pike

All artwork in this gallery is the original artwork of Sheena Pike. ©Sheena Pike All Rights Reserved. The work in this Gallery is protected by Canadian and International Copyright laws.

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A Boy and His Fox by Sheena Pike


Faline - Only Friend in the World Collection by Sheena Pike


Make A Wish by Sheena Pike


Ivy by Sheena Pike



Merry by Sheena Pike


Lavender by Sheena Pike


Tea in the Moonlight by Sheena Pike


Sweet Sorrow by Sheena Pike


Only Friend in the World - Panda Precious by Sheena Pike


Tea and PeriWinkle by Sheena Pike


Porcelain by Sheena Pike


Inner Demons by Sheena Pike


Fennec Fox by Sheena Pike


Only Friend in the World - Bunny by Sheena Pike


Angel of My Tears by Sheena Pike


Self Affliction by Sheena Pike


Hydrangea by Sheena Pike


Love is in the Air by Sheena Pike


INSOMNIA - with digital Grunge added by Sheena Pike


Insomnia by Sheena Pike


Betrayal by Sheena Pike


Vanilla by Sheena Pike


Bleeding Heart by Sheena Pike


Ivory Rose by Sheena Pike

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   |   Images = 96





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