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Shakti Chionis - Fine Artist

Shakti Chionis

Bellingham , Wa - United States








Shakti Chionis

Bellingham , Wa - United States

Shakti Chionis - Fine Artist

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February 22nd, 2014







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About Shakti Chionis

Thank you for visiting my website, it is an honor to share my work. Throughout the last 20 years of my life, I have found it that I live from a place of creativity. I have an endless supply of it, so it seems. In fact, the word Shakti besides meaning power, represents the female energy of creation. My artwork is my soul's expression. I have been told by a lot of people that my artwork looks like my soul is doing the painting. It feeds me everything, and I am completely connected to what I call source. Even as a healer (or a light worker) this is a place that resonates strongly within me.

I have been painting as early as the age of 5. I spent much of my childhood passing many hours of the day painting. It made me happy. It still nourishes me deeply and brings tremendous joy and inner peace. During my college years, I learned oils, charcoal, and pastels. I adore color and am not afraid to play with it in these forms. The possibilities are endless. I have found over and over, I will always turn to watercolor and oil pastels. These two mediums are, by far, my favorite, and I like to use them together if I feel moved to. Recently I have been introduced to mixed media and not surprisingly have fallen in love with it. Water color pencils are fairly new to me as well and have become a staple in my toy 'art' box.

I love eyes when they are done soulfully. I love flowers, I can never get enough. I love butterflies and feel a kinship with them. Living in the Pacific Northwest it is very easy to be inspired by nature. Even with the simplest and ordinary moments, which brings me to my photography. Because I love being intimate with nature I have found I can capture those 'treasures' we all want to find in life. I love seeing the world up close in it's tenderness and hidden stories. Nature is full of surprises and I have been lucky to capture many treasures. I love playing with light and I love finding the light where many people aren't looking. I like to capture it in ways that I see it. I think it's the same place that I love painting from.

I enjoy helping my children become connected and inspired with art as well. My 8 year old I call 'rainbow boy' because of his choice in colors. I am always filled with deep joy when I see him connect to the world of colors as I see it.

I am emerging and feel I have freed myself again to this form of self expression. I have many more images to come, and this is just the beginning. So please visit often to see what I have added as you never know if it's something that is calling you. When I am not painting I am busy with my family and writing, when my heart feels inspired to share something. You can follow me on my blog and find what I consider to be my heart 'voice'.

My images do NOT belong to the public domain and may not be used for any purpose without my permission. All artwork in this portfolio are copyrighted and owned by the artist, Shakti Chionis. All rights reserved.

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Prosperity Dragon by Shakti Chionis


Pink Starlight Dolphin by Shakti Chionis


Playful Hearts by Shakti Chionis


Welcome Spring by Shakti Chionis


Everything is in Perfect Timing by Shakti Chionis


Thank you for my answered prayers by Shakti Chionis


I Will Love You Forever by Shakti Chionis


Queen of Hearts by Shakti Chionis


Water by Shakti Chionis


Love by Shakti Chionis


Missing Home- A Soul's Journey by Shakti Chionis


Missing Home- A Soul's Journey 2 by Shakti Chionis


Gratitude by Shakti Chionis


Dreamtime in the Garden by Shakti Chionis


Peaceful Life by Shakti Chionis


Butterfly Blast by Shakti Chionis


Giving the Light by Shakti Chionis


Gypsy Girl by Shakti Chionis


Bloom Where You are Planted by Shakti Chionis


Spiral of Life by Shakti Chionis


Universal Joy by Shakti Chionis


Springtime Butterfly Play by Shakti Chionis


Rainbow Sky by Shakti Chionis


Guardian of Love by Shakti Chionis


Expansion by Shakti Chionis


Tree of Life by Shakti Chionis


Dreaming of the Infinite Possibilities by Shakti Chionis


Rainbow Pond by Shakti Chionis


Playing with the Apple Trees by Shakti Chionis


Apple Girl by Shakti Chionis


Reaching Out with Love by Shakti Chionis


Standing Alone by Shakti Chionis


Peonies and Poppies 2 by Shakti Chionis


Poppies and Peonies by Shakti Chionis


Living in Joy by Shakti Chionis


Reaching for the Light by Shakti Chionis


Sunshine in a field of Blue Poppies by Shakti Chionis


By the Sea by Shakti Chionis


Radiance by Shakti Chionis


Unseen Love by Shakti Chionis


Drifting Away by Shakti Chionis


Sitting in my Garden by Shakti Chionis


Magic Tree House by Shakti Chionis


Summer Blue Bird by Shakti Chionis


Redwood Tree by Shakti Chionis


Pileated Wood Pecker by Shakti Chionis


Tree Frog in Peony by Shakti Chionis


Mother and Daughter by Shakti Chionis

Images = 68




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