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Shakhenabat Kasana

London - United Kingdom








Shakhenabat Kasana

London - United Kingdom

Shakhenabat Kasana - Fine Artist

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About Shakhenabat Kasana

Hi, this is me, Shakhenabat Kasana (Shampan). I am from the city of Dhaka in Bangladesh, currently living in London, United Kingdom. I have started my career as a professional artist very recently. I am a Nutritionist and a HR person by profession. However, if I would not paint, I would not be inspired to do what I am doing now. Painting is my passion and I believe, I would not survive if I would not paint. From this point of view, painting is considered my everything; I paint to 'survive'!!

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From my childhood, my parents told me, I loved to draw on paper whatever I observed. Seeing my this keenness for painting my dad got me admitted in a children art school in Dhaka. I regularly used to participate in national and international children art competitions and won various awards in my childhood. Among them the championship award in the International Children Day Art Competition arranged by Govt. of Bangladesh, UNICEF award in the competition 'we Too Belong' and 'Nigata Japan' awards are mentionable.

I love colours and try to use them in my work as much as I can. I came across so many people in my life, some of them are good, some are bad..I try to paint the inner goodness and badness of people through my work and colours. I love nature and sometimes I draw the beauty of nature as well. I regularly visit art exhibitions and sometimes I draw being inspired by works of other artists. I use oil on canvas, water colour and pastel on paper, have done some work on wood, chinese art and pen and pencil sketches. Recently I made my first acrylic painting and found acrylic very comfortable and enjoyable to play with as a medium.

I could not yet manage to make a lot of paintings. Many of my paintings I had already gifted to my friends and relatives long before (havn't taken any photographs of them as well..I wish if I was a little bit professional that time..). I am making them slowly and trying to produce arts whenever I get time. I keep uploading more paintings as I finish. I would be honoured and delighted if my work is viewed and liked!

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