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Seth Shotwell

Bothell, WA - United States








Seth Shotwell

Bothell, WA - United States

Seth Shotwell - Fine Artist

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About Seth Shotwell

I spent half a lifetime traveling around this country and the surrounding seas and oceans and gulfs. I traveled many, many miles and enjoyed the luxury of mobility and space and freedom.
In 2004, I became disabled by a degenerative disorder and my world shrunk to about 150 feet in any direction. That was as far as I could walk. In order to conquer the depression and occupy myself, I strove to seek out and photograph the beauty that I could find in my new and very small world. What I discovered was mind-boggling and life changing.
There is a world of incredible wonder right in your backyard if you only slow down, look and listen, and tune your mind to the macro universe beneath your feet. Insects, tiny plants and moss and fungi, even pebbles, dew and frost provide a new and wondrous source of inspiration. Each moment of light and shadow changing, frost and dew melting and evaporating and creating a new experience as it morphs into the next moment, never to repeat .... lost forever to time or preserved eternally on film for all to share.
Through photography and the quest to find, record and appreciate beauty in my world, I have changed. I have learned that for me, happiness weighs more than money and that the greatest masterpiece is the creation of a smile on a fellow human's face. Kindness is not weakness and cruelty is not strength.
I hope you enjoy these moments on film ... and take the time to relax, breathe and see the beauty in your own world as well. However, if you love to just look and love, that is always free in my world and appreciated. Your comments are helpful and read with joy.
Welcome ....
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Ice Tripod by Seth Shotwell


Downstream by Seth Shotwell


The Road Less Travelled by Seth Shotwell


Octopus Garden by Seth Shotwell


Access by Seth Shotwell


Sunshine and Paddles by Seth Shotwell


Evening Gift by Seth Shotwell


Meandering by Seth Shotwell


Diamond Abstract 1 by Seth Shotwell


Puddle Muddle by Seth Shotwell


Winter Wisteria by Seth Shotwell


Campfire Apparition by Seth Shotwell


Afternoon Tea by Seth Shotwell


Morning Coffee by Seth Shotwell


Confetti Cascade Neon Inv by Seth Shotwell


Confetti Cascade by Seth Shotwell


Sunlight Saturation After by Seth Shotwell


Sunlight Satruation Before by Seth Shotwell


Carrion Them Away by Seth Shotwell


Winter Inversion by Seth Shotwell


Lavabo by Seth Shotwell


Neon Shrine by Seth Shotwell


Not A Jacuzzi by Seth Shotwell


Primordial Blues by Seth Shotwell

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