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Sandra Martin

Caribou, ME - United States








Sandra Martin

Caribou, ME - United States

Sandra Martin - Fine Artist

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About Sandra Martin

Sandra Martin lives in Maine. Her love of photgraphy is new, and has really taken hold in the last 2 years. A new world has opened and she wishes to share those visions with you.

Sandra says 'Often moving forward through life we forget to look back from where we came. Looking back gives us a new perspective on moving forward. We may find an answer we missed the first time around, we may see the beauty in an object that we dismissed on our way through. Understanding and acceptance of those things negative that we may carry with us is suddenly no longer an obstacle and we are able to achieve new heights.'

Her artwork changes and is in constant flux. She does not limit herself to one perspective or one visual choice for her palette. ' A flower is not a flower always, and it is not limited to one color. That is the nice thing about art. How can you be wrong? There is no wrong. It is as simple as taking your vision and experimenting until you find the right way to present it according to how you feel. No one is wrong for having a feeling. A feeling is something that is personal to the individual who holds it. If someone does not like my feelings, or visons, that's okay too. I don't necessarily like everything I see either, but I respect the vison and the effort that goes into the creation.'

'Some days I feel red, some days I feel green, some days I feel yellow or orange. And some days I just dont feel at all. And it is on those days that I don't feel a particular way that I take a step back and examine the path I walked. When I move back, and look forward again, I often say to myself okay, I see what I was missing, and it all falls back into place again.'

Enjoy your journey through Sandra's visual world.

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After the Storm by Sandra Martin


Maine Winter by Sandra Martin


Along the Winter Brook by Sandra Martin


The Winter Woodpile by Sandra Martin


Winter Burdock by Sandra Martin


For the Love of a Rose by Sandra Martin


Simple Beauty by Sandra Martin


Hey There by Sandra Martin


Pink Morning by Sandra Martin


Early November Sunrise by Sandra Martin


Forgotten Tractor by Sandra Martin


Bernie the Tree Walking Dog by Sandra Martin


October in Thomas Park by Sandra Martin


Autumn in Maine by Sandra Martin


Scenic Turnout in Autumn by Sandra Martin


Autumn Red Maple by Sandra Martin


The Autumn Fence by Sandra Martin


Pink Dahlia Delight by Sandra Martin


The Sun by Sandra Martin


Love in a Mist - Flower by Sandra Martin


Pretty in Pink by Sandra Martin


Beautiful Sunflower by Sandra Martin


Beauty of the Sun by Sandra Martin


New Sun by Sandra Martin

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