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Sam Shacked

Brooklyn, NY - United States








Sam Shacked

Brooklyn, NY - United States

Sam Shacked - Fine Artist

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About Sam Shacked

As I managed to impress my parents, teachers, and friends with my illustrations, creating impressive images at a very early age become my fluid juices at that time. Although I had a year of education at the 'School of Visual Art' (NYC) I by large, consider myself a self- taught artist.

I use my camera to capture moments that I feel at the time have a potential of expressing, like a perfect moment in our daily life and social activities. Using these photos as a basic start to my paintings allows me the freedom to transform these into a new arty expression.

As a graphic artist and designer I came to realize the potentiality of the digital art.
Since many artists now work and paint digitally, I as well am driven to it mostly for the freedom of thought, were it allows me to play around with, and study colors and methods were I can dare ideas, were I can challenge or try and create temporary effect while trying to capture patterns and rhythms of movement, yet combining and utilizing the energy of motion and so on, Furthermore, it allowed demonstrating an instinctive and progressive visual content. Working in/with Digital Art is faster then working with oil paint or acrylics, there is no waiting for paint to dry. The only setback at this moment for digital artwork is; there is no original to a painting, no matter how great the work may be. Therefore the prices on digital artwork/prints are much lowers then usual.

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#m14'11 by Sam Shacked


#m03 by Sam Shacked


#m01 by Sam Shacked


Lubavitcher Rebbe by Sam Shacked


Lubavitcher Rebbe with torah by Sam Shacked


Chaya Mushka by Sam Shacked


Study/Analysis for the Chaya Mushka by Sam Shacked


Charles-bronson by Sam Shacked


Vermeer's Girl With Pearl Earring 2 by Sam Shacked


Oranges and a Wine jug by Sam Shacked


Why Hunger? Why Poverty? by Sam Shacked


Olive Dancers by Sam Shacked


Vase n Glass Goblet by Sam Shacked


Mediterranean Silver Kettle by Sam Shacked


Golden Tea Kettle by Sam Shacked


Street Walker by Sam Shacked


Sunset by Sam Shacked


Menorah by Sam Shacked


Cruiser by Sam Shacked


Vision by Sam Shacked


Ovadiah Yosef by Sam Shacked


Sade by Sam Shacked


Blue Vase by Sam Shacked


Experiment 01 by Sam Shacked

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