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Sam Shacked

Brooklyn, NY - United States








Sam Shacked

Brooklyn, NY - United States

Sam Shacked - Fine Artist

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About Sam Shacked

'I am first and foremost a visual artist. Art was always a passion of mine; it is the thrill of formatting in a creative matter, it's the excitement of innovation and invention that flood's me through out my life.
I truly love to perform with in that circle, I love to draw and to manipulate colors and hues were I generate an illusion of realism to the best of my aptitude. However, I truly believe that a visual-art artist should insert his/her deepest feeling into the work, bringing together the outer life-reality and the artist personal inner passion of emotion and affection - portraying an artist's inner mind.'

I began creating impressive images at a very young age, impressing my attendance, parents, teachers, and friends.
from October 1967 through May 1968 I studied fine art at the 'School of Visual Art' NYC. The understanding from those eight months of painting portrait 'The old Renaissance way' have set with my memory throughout the days and years as life had it's own course and route.

1968 was a point in my life where I had to walk away from it all, yet the artist with in me was always waiting there to come out, crying on to perform.

Now since September 2014 I began studying fine art at the 'Art Student League' of NYC were I feel like a kid in a candy store.

though, although I now mostly focused on portrait painting, I do like to move into contemporary art of realism with a blend of abstract so to express my genuine notion as sincerely as achievable.

Sam Shacked resides in Brooklyn NY, USA. Most of Sam's commissions are portraits from life, however where a sitting is not possible Sam is happy to paint a portrait from photographs. Sam is particularly skillful at creating a composition from several photographs even if the scene never existed.

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Menorah by Sam Shacked

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