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Ruth Borges

Torrance, CA - United States








Ruth Borges

Torrance, CA - United States

Ruth Borges - Fine Artist

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About Ruth Borges

Flowing lines and colorful shapes dance together within an open space. As the line twists and turns, the contours and colors begin to suggest form. Invisible thoughts become visible figures to highlight moments in a dance of faith.

I began developing this style of drawing one quiet winter afternoon during my last year in art school. I sat down with pencil and paper to render a still life. What turned out to be a very frustrating drawing session led to a new visual language. I drew lines that flowed freely, forming stylized figures against a white background that silently spoke of a spiritual journey. The emotions expressed ranged from profound grief to unspeakable joy. Moments like these can be captured powerfully with line. Like a trained dancer, line can express tremendous emotional strength and visual grace. It can be beautiful and timeless. Moments in this dance of faith are expressed in 22 of the images in the “Thoughts to Figure” drawing series displayed on my artworks page. They reflect moments in my spiritual journey. As you view these figures, you may see yourself or someone you know. The white background invites you to recall your own experiences, which may lead you on your own path of thoughts to figure.

Ruth has a B.F.A. in Graphic Design. She has led spiritual enrichment art workshops for women, as well as creativity art workshops for children, adults and families. Ruth may be contacted regarding limited edition prints and art workshops at (310) 523-4489, or emailed at

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Four Musicians by Ruth Borges


Pianista by Ruth Borges


Guitarrista by Ruth Borges


Bongocero by Ruth Borges


Trompetista by Ruth Borges


The Magi by Ruth Borges


Celebrate by Ruth Borges


Mother and Child by Ruth Borges


The Couple by Ruth Borges


Living Water by Ruth Borges


The Messenger by Ruth Borges


Father and Son by Ruth Borges


The Thinker by Ruth Borges


Three Women by Ruth Borges


Three Friends by Ruth Borges


Uh Oh by Ruth Borges


The Screamer by Ruth Borges


Pensive One by Ruth Borges


Pensive Too by Ruth Borges


The Reacher by Ruth Borges


The Dancer by Ruth Borges


The Poet by Ruth Borges


The Blessing by Ruth Borges


Balanced by Ruth Borges

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