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Rosemary Lim

Cebu City, F2 - Philippines








Rosemary Lim

Cebu City, F2 - Philippines

Rosemary Lim - Fine Artist

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About Rosemary Lim

Hello everyone,

Thanks for visiting my gallery.
I am a self taught artist, driven by emotions, inspired by dreams and travels around the globe.
My artwork is mostly an expression of love towards nature: its colors, its energy, its intensity.

I see painting as a kind of a meditation diving into a state of flow, bringing peace and focus.
I love the process of creation itself: starting from a blank canvas...and watching the painting slowly arising, brought to life.
Art is the expression of oneself indeed, but must be shared before all: nothing makes me happier than bringing happiness to others through my paintings.

Being a self taught artist, I am not conditioned by common standards and technical aspects: I love exploring new horizons, using fingers, thumbnails or wooden sticks instead of brushes , incorporating new impasto and elements into my art (seeds, fibers.), breaking the rules of 'color harmony'... the possibilities are exponential!!!

My favorite media is acrylic.naturally heading to naive, tribal, abstract and figurative art.

Travels drive me to paint... Art drives me to travel more and discover new places, meet new people. my never ending story!!!

You can also find me here:

Thank you

Rosemary Lim

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Abracadabra Tree House with Blue door by Rosemary Lim


Slovenian Pony Balade - A Ballade in Forest by Rosemary Lim


Abstract Wall Nepal photography by Rosemary Lim


Abstract Wall Ljubljana photography by Rosemary Lim


Blue Planet Lotus Pod by Rosemary Lim


Hibiscus - Love me again by Rosemary Lim


Gypsy girl Free the red balloon by Rosemary Lim


Zumba Zumba Zumba by Rosemary Lim


Talk to me Songs from the Baobab by Rosemary Lim


Elephant's lullaby mother and baby by Rosemary Lim


Mother and baby elephant One footstep for two by Rosemary Lim


Orange elephant with green bubbles by Rosemary Lim


Moon lovers-Cat lovers by Rosemary Lim


Abstract tree -Twirling rainforest by Rosemary Lim


Multiple solar system by Rosemary Lim


The Dreaming Cat Le Chat Reveur by Rosemary Lim


Blue dream cat-felis nebula by Rosemary Lim


Pink elephant walking to the moon by Rosemary Lim


Rafflesia Mandala by Rosemary Lim


Imaginary Lotus Spirit by Rosemary Lim


Rafflesia Borneo by Rosemary Lim


Moroccan city lovers - African tribal mask by Rosemary Lim


Egyptian god cat with two hearts by Rosemary Lim


Fisherman's blues by Rosemary Lim


Une fille du desert Girl from Sahara Morocco by Rosemary Lim


Hija de la luna woman of the moon by Rosemary Lim

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   |   Images = 26