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Rod Ismay

Washington,, DC - United States








Rod Ismay

Washington,, DC - United States

Rod Ismay - Fine Artist

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April 21st, 2011







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The renown sociologist, Charles Horton Cooley, said, 'An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one.' By these terms as well as others, Roderick R. Ismay is a success. He is a self taught artist who creates through a variety of medium and styles. He does not subscribe to any school of painting because he says, 'I feel that is too restrictive of my free flowing muse.' His paintings span the gamut from representational realism to surreal abstraction. Rod creates his artworks in black and white and in color. On the subject of color he says, 'Usually when I work in color I like it to be rich in color. Color is very interesting, because it can be calm and peaceful or agitated and shown in combinations which jar the nerves. And then it can be anything in between as well. I feel my own use of color to often be subjective to how I feel concerning the subject I am portraying. And since we are all different, the appreciation of color can be a very personal choice and experience.' Mr. Ismay is also a photographer and his camera is often trained on capturing a flower in peak bloom. You may purchase Roderick Ismay's work at his website: He sells original works as well as: Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Acrylic Prints, Standard Prints, Posters, and Greeting Cards. Rod also advises, 'Before you buy a piece of art, decide if you can stand to see it every day.'

All work in these galleries is the original work of Rod Ismay. It is for sale, Copyright 2014 by Rod Ismay and, as such, is protected by US & International Copyright laws.

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Rainbow Tree by Rod Ismay


Holograph of Time by Rod Ismay


Cloudhenge or Levitation you decide. Send me a comment. by Rod Ismay


Orbs in Space 1 -- Crossing Paths by Rod Ismay


Yellow Tulip with Red 2 by Rod Ismay


Sweat on a Cold Steel Pipe by Rod Ismay


Clouds One by Rod Ismay


Air Force Monument 1 by Rod Ismay


Pink Rose by Rod Ismay


Purple Flower by Rod Ismay


Purple Zinnia by Rod Ismay


Zinnia by Rod Ismay


Three orchids by Rod Ismay


Abstract 9-12 by Rod Ismay


Air Force Monument 2 by Rod Ismay


Space Motion by Rod Ismay


Happy Piano Music by Rod Ismay


Switch by Rod Ismay


Pink Asiatic Lilies by Rod Ismay


Canna Lily by Rod Ismay


Praying Tulips by Rod Ismay


Purple Clylmentis by Rod Ismay


Orange yellow-edged tulips by Rod Ismay


Tulips by Rod Ismay

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